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I can't believe I'm not in bed! I'm usually tucked in by 10 p.m., but tonight is not a real good night for me.

On Sunday afternoon I received the news that an old friend's husband passed after a lengthy illness. Even though his death is a blessing I am deeply saddend because Tom might not have given himself to the Lord. Even though I know there is nothing I can now do to change things, I have been in tears off and on today. I would do anything to go back and take the opportunity to have shown him how easy he could have repented and been saved. Oh God, I have prayed for the last couple of days. I can't really explain how sad I am, nor how hopeful I am that he was able to receive Jesus Christ as his Saviour. I continue to pray for a sign from Jesus. Tomorrow afternoon I will travel to the funeral home to console my friend at her loss...would you all please pray that God will be with me?

We have another funeral tomorrow, too. An elderly man from our town passed on to the Lord Sunday morning. His wife is in my circle at our church. Such a dear woman she is and I'm sure she is sorely missing her mate of 60+ years tonight.

Whew! To bring a little bit of reality to the past couple of days I cleaned the house from top to bottom today. I scrubbed, dusted, shined, and vacuumed anything that needed it. It felt good, too, and now tonight I am so tired. Sorry I'm such a basket case this evening...I'll be better in a couple of days. It is a comfort to have all of you to "talk" to.

I spent a few minutes tonight checking out what is going on in your much busy-ness and so many of your posts are just what I needed to re-focus.

Toni: How was the doctor appointment? My annual physical is coming up on Oct. 8...I'm always relieved when everything turns out good. Hope you have a good report, too.

Caterina, Love your "fat & lazy" attitude! ME TOO!

Jan, Thanks for your Tearing Edge blog site...not a chance to check it out, but I definitely will very soon.

Leah, Hi! Did I miss welcoming you? Kind of sounds like you were here before. Maybe that was before I came to this thread. Hope you stay with us when you can.

Julie, is your son better yet? Praying for a full recovery.

Hi, Polar Bear! So blessed to have you join us! Welcome and hope you'll stay. We're awesome for each other!

Beth, I, too, noticed some stores do the same thing with alphabet sets and other expensive very sad that some people resort to stealing. Just can't imagine that kind of choice. Oh, and, I too struggle with quiet time, especially for devotions and scripture. Why is that, anyway? He gave His life for me...why is it so hard to give just a little of mine for Him?

Hey, Stephanie...are you OK? What's up? Hope you are just busy with stuff.

Margy, You are so sweet and you really pushed my buttons with your post. I, too, am so blessed to be a part of this thread. Thanks for your reminder.

So sad for your sister to having to squabble with SS & ins. co. I'm sure she needs to have resolution quickly from both. Praying for her.

Oooooh...I remember having to get up at 4:30 a.m. OUCH! Sleep tight.

Elee, Praying for your continued feelings of blessing for your DS & his fiance`. Maybe your future in-laws are just a little unsure of how to react to this grand occasion...will be praying for peace and harmony.

Karen: Oh my goodness. You poor girl and your physical struggles. I complain of my minor arthritis and here you are getting injections for pain. My goodness. To be able to sit up for an hour and feel good about such a limited amount of freedom. You really gave me what I needed to see I have a very good life. Thank you for reminding me of all of what I have that is good. May God always give you the strength to be as brave as you are. Love ya.

Gloria: What can I say? I'm sure you are probably snoring away right this minute and I sincerely pray you aren't keeping yourself awake worrying about that phone call you'll return in the morning. I am praying so hard for good news from today's MRI.

One other thing, Gloria...what's concentration????? Maybe I should get some of that. more thing! Can't believe you've already changed your sheets from cotton to flannel! I must be in the minority, although I have to say my DH would be so happy if I'd put flannel sheets on our bed. Never happen, though, as long as I'm the one to change the sheets.

Looks like I'm about done for the night. My eyes are drooping so I think I can now go to bed and sleep. Hope I didn't miss anybody. For those of you who haven't recently posted (like in the last day), I miss you and hope you are OK.

Good night and blessings.
Give thanks to the Lord; His mercy endures forever!
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