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Default Gallery restrictions

I read the posts and I would like to make a few comments regarding the cost of the Fan Club. It didn't take me long to decide that I wanted to be a Fan. This site is incredible and there are new and exciting posts and pictures everyday.

I'm a SU! demo and I have learned more on this site than I've learned anywhere else. Even for non-demos, the info is invaluable.

I'm thinking of something like that commercial:

-- New stamp set $25
-- new watercolor crayons $50
-- Membership to the SCS Fan Club "PRICELESS"

I can't really give you a cost that would be prohibitive, but $20 is certainly VERY reasonable. For those who say that some people may not have the money to pay: Do you stamp? Do you buy stamping supplies? If you can afford to buy those, you could afford to "save" a bit here and there and come up with $20 per year. That's only $2.60 per week. I'm sure EVERYONE on this site has "wasted" at least $2.60 per week. I know about not having money. Believe me, my husband (now ex) sold his plasma 2x per week so we'd have $35 a week for grocery money to feed 2 adults and 2 children (an impossibility). His arms are filled with needle marks from this.

I've learned there is "no free lunch". This is a GREAT site. No, it's a SUPER site! And all of us that enjoy it need to support it. And if the price is not something you can afford (or you choose to spend money on something else), then that is your decision. Sometimes we can't have it all, sometimes we can.

I support your decision to have paying members only post to the gallery. However, it will reduce the value of the gallery if many people choose not to subscribe.

But I'd rather have a limited gallery than no SCS!

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