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You see, 'tis the season of weddings and my hubbin has a niece getting married this summer and I admit, I'm a hopeless romantic. When I recently heard these songs by Hank Snow, I just had to share.

Marriage Vow.
Sung by Hank Snow.

"Do you take this woman to be your dear wife,
Do you vow to love her the rest of your life,
And will you protect her and honor her name,
Oh, don't cause her heartaches and don't bring her shame,
Share with her in poverty, with her in wealth,
For richer, for poorer, through sickness and health?"
All these things the parson did ask me and then,
I whispered, "I Do, and I'd do it again.

For I really love her, the one I call wife
And I'll go on caring the rest of my life
I'd die to protect her and she'd do the same
I'd cut off my tongue before I'd bring her shame
We may be in poverty, may not have wealth,
But we stick together through sickness and health
I'll always be thankful till my life is done,
That two little words made us both into one."
~ ~ ~ <> @ <> ~ ~ ~
(This is my in-laws song! They were married in 1953. What kind of scrapbook page would you design for this song?)

Honeymoon On a Rocket Ship
Sung by Hank Snow.

I know somewhere out in the world
There is a gal for me,
I'd like to find and make you mine
How happy we would be,
We wouldn't need a moonlight night to sit outdoors and spoon,
Because I would buy a rocketship and take you to the moon.

We would have a honeymoon on the rocketship
We would fly from star to star on our wedding trip
You could make your wedding gown out of the big moonbeam,
Could sprinkle stardust in your hair, you'd be a birthday dream.

We'd sit on top of the universe with no one else around,
I'd reach right up and pick the stars and make you a pretty crown,
I'd place it on your little head and kiss your smiling lips,
As we glided out through space upon the rocketship.

Then we'd go strolling on & on along the Milky Way,
We would visit every planet on our Wedding Day,
We would laugh and love sweetheart, and you could be my wife,
We would find the land of love out there in paradise.

Final Chorus:
We would have a honeymoon on the rocketship
We would fly from star to star on our wedding trip
I'd take my ole guitar along and we would softy croon
On our journey through the sky and headed for the moon.
~ ~ ~ <> @ <> ~ ~ ~
Married by the Bible, Divorced by Law.
Sung by Hank Snow.

What a strange world we live in,
What a shame, oh, what a shame,
Someone's always quarrelin'
Their marriage don't remain.
Divorces by the thousands
Is this human race insane
I always thought that marriage
Should be a sacred thing.

Married by the Bible, Divorced by the Law,
Every day there's more and more
The worst I ever saw.
Things have changed, they're not the same
As the days of Ma and Pa,
They were married by the Bible
No divorces by the law.

Steps are often taken without thinking twice
And oft times, there's a child or two
Who's left to pay the price.
Those little hearts so innocent
They don't know who's to blame
No mom & dad to love them
What a shame, oh, what a shame.
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