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Thumbs up Has anyone tried Mitch Gaylord's Melt it Off?

LOL no im not a rep or in any way shape or form getting $$ from my positive comment..although it would be NICE to get a kick back **wink wink to mitch if hes reading this! lol
actually..about 6 years ago i had gastric bypass. lost a ton but still had a few more pounds to go. then a bunch of crap happened where my mom in law passed away (i was her caregiver), i lost my job and had a breast cancer scare all within a year. then my back was getting to the point i could barely move and find out that i have arthritus in my back. i was in so much pain i would work..take 3 muscle relaxers a day and 6-8 vicadin a day JUST to slightly function. i knew i had to do something to try and minamize my back pain. this worked where nothing else did. its not like this is all some secret workout...but if anyone is going to know how to get your core strong fast i figured he was it! i hate the workouts but yet i love em...they are hard and i have never been able to do much of a push up in my life and now i can do them! like i said..weight was a bonus to lose but i did it to reduce my need for pain medication cuz the last thing i want is to be either addicted or be on so many im useless. my kids (15, 12,12) even like doing the workouts but they cant get thru the whole thing which i find hilarious! they are healthy strong younguns and ol' mom can run circles around them with it! lol another bonus is that my kids are all adhd so when they do even some of the excercises, it helps use up some of that crazy energy!
im sure you can probably see the whole workouts on youtube or some other site..i paid 15 for the program and 14 for shipping...but that is also with a ball and other far as the vitamins...if u dont choose to pass on it, u will get charged a monthly fee ..i didnt so i got a sample thats it
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