Wendy Weixler - Wendybell
Salt Lake City
HOLYCOW!! OHMYGOSH!! AREYOUKIDDINGME?? Even though I didn't say exactly ALL those things when Lydia asked me about jumpin' into the Dirt Pile, they were DEFINITELY all going through my head!! I can probably honestly speak for all the Dirty Girls when I say that NONE of us ever EXPECTED to become Dirty, but we certainly have all DREAMED about it!! What an honor!!

My name is Wendy Weixler (aka Wendybell) and I've been hanging around SCS since spring of 2006. My day is not complete without at least a LITTLE peeking around on here (and judging by the number of posts I have, you can see I do more than a little!). I have been married to my college sweetheart, Ron, for 26 years. We have three fantastic kids ... Devan - 22; Garrett - 19; and Amelia - 16 (who has also been known to upload a card or two here as "Wendybell'sGirl"). We have lived in the same neighborhood since the day we got married, and we really enjoy living so close to so many of our family members.

I have been doing something crafty for as long as I can remember ... from paint-by-numbers and "beflowered" mudpies and cakes as a little girl, to cross-stitching, sewing, cake decorating, jewelry making ... and my biggest passion - papercrafting.

I am currently a Stampin' Up demo, but I have been on design teams for Spellbinders, Our Daily Bread (as a guest designer), Innovative Stamp Creations and There She Goes. I love the creative process and the satisfaction it brings me (even if it occasionally happens at 3:00 a.m.!). It's a great way for me to relax and feel like I have accomplished something. I know the next six months are gonna go by as fast as a roller coaster ... so I'm just gonna hold on and enjoy it!! smile