Tracey Fehr - Tracey_Fehr
Morden, Manitoba
Thud! Did you hear it...the day I opened my email and there was a message from Lydia? Where I live we don't have earthquakes, but that morning there may have been a slight tremor in the neighborhood as my jaw hit the floor! I was astonished to say the least to see that it was an invitation to join the Dirty Dozen Design Team! I stared long and hard at that computer screen...reading and then rereading those words, double checking to make sure that it was indeed my name on the email and it hadn't been sent in error! Needless to say, I am humbled and so very excited to become a Dirty Girl!'s so great to meet you all! My name is Tracey Fehr, and I live on a small acreage near Morden, Manitoba, Canada...where the summers are short and the winters are long! I have been married to my wonderful hubby for 21 years and we have a beautiful daughter (13) and a handsome son (11), a Norwegian Elkhound named Thunder (who ironically is petrified of lightning and thunder)...and one cat named Storm. We are a self-employed family who all take part in helping run a successful SnapOn Franchise from cleaning the truck, helping setting up promos to going along on sales calls from time to time! (Our daughter's beautiful long eyelashes, and our son's chubby cheeks and freckles certainly can't hurt when they take a turn at giving a sales pitch on a day off of school! LOL)

Since leaving the workforce several years ago, I've taken on the role of "domestic diva" who spends her time chauffeuring children from activity to activity, cooking, cleaning and of course paper crafting! I've been a paper crafter for many years...and it was Stamp `n Up that got me hooked when it was introduced in Canada! The first party I attended I knew card making was going to be the perfect stress relieving activity. While card making is my passion, I also love dabbling in 3D altered art paper projects! When it comes to my style of creating, I would say I lean heavily toward the vintage look, and I love creating handmade flowers....but I'm always ready and eager to try a new technique or dabble in new creative looks!

When I'm not creating in my messy craft room, you may find my enjoying a few of my other fun passions! I love reading, fishing, tending to my flower garden while enjoying the company of my hummingbirds, and of course going on family camping trips!

I'm so very excited to be spending the next six months with you...and I feel tremendously blessed to have the dream of joining the fun on the dirt pile come true! Let the fun begin!