Tosh Leyendekker - Stamps4funinCA
Dinuba, CA
I first started stamping about 12 years ago. Like others, I was invited to a Stampin' Up! party. And, I truly thought I was doing my friend a favor by going because I couldn't understand why someone would have a "stamp" (as in postage) party. Seriously, I thought it was about [postage] stamp collecting! My kids were young, so I thought, at the most I can buy some for my son and maybe he would develop an interest when he got older. Obviously, I was wrong, and I was the one immediately hooked.

I just turned 40 a couple months ago, and I've lived in Central California with my wonderful Dairy Farmer husband for 18 1/2 years. He works so very hard, so I can stamp to my heart's desire . . . well, and to provide for our two children too! Our son is 17 1/2 and will be heading off to college over 1,000 miles away next fall (sniff), and our daughter is 14 1/2 and is a Freshman in High School. Both are competitive swimmers (son swims year round and will compete in college also), and both love playing instruments. I've also always had an interest in music and drama. I've been in choirs (college and church), directed some, and even directed a few plays. But now I'm enjoying stamping exclusively. I was born In Grand Rapids, Michigan and have lived in Illinois (where my family still resides), Colorado, and Iowa. I have to say, though, that California is my favorite place to live, having access to the mountains and the ocean. I do, however, miss the fall color show that the Midwest puts on.

Thank you, SCSers, for all your kind comments on my cards and projects. I promise to do my very best to create pieces that might be some inspiration to all of you. Know that all of you have been more of an inspiration and blessing to me than you’ll ever know!