Tiffany Johnson - tiffguam
Fort Rucker, AL
Someone pinch me, is this real? I still cannot believe that I have the honor of joining the ranks with my favorite stampers! It's been a whirlwind for me, seeing as how, just two years ago I made my first login on

I am an Army wife and mom of two boys stationed at Fort Rucker, AL. My passion is giving back to my Army community through volunteerism. But most of all, I love all things paper and ink.

My love for paper and ink started at a very young age when my mom taught me the art of paper folding. My dad even made me little scrapbooks growing up! As a result, I always made my family handmade cards which consisted of magazine cut outs and Elmer's glue collages.

When I discovered stamping, it was like I was seeing things for the first time. Like I was seeing all the endless possibilities. I immediately bought everything and anything (as we all do) and was overwhelmed. So, I sold all my supplies and started fresh.

When I had my stamping reawakening, I immediately started blogging and reaching out to friends here on I have met some of my best friends in these threads and forums and really believe in the purpose of I am so honored to be a part of it!

I love sharing and teaching this craft and look forward to being a part of the "dirt pile"!