Teresa Kline - va.sunshine
Staunton, VA
OH MY this really happening? I am soooo over the top thrilled to be here, this is a dream come true and a blessing! Thank you so much to SCS, Lydia, and all the totally talented people that have been an inspiration to me......eeeeccckkkkkk...I am one happy dirty girl! It is amazing to me how in one package being a part of the dirt pile is exciting, humbling, and even scary. I told Lydia it compares to be proposed really is a love affair! A love for paper crafting and the people that bond it all together.

My name is Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine; I am married to Gary.....he is truly my number one fan. His response to everything I show him, "that is your best work ever" He was so very proud and excited for me, he has known that it was a dream for me to be a dirty girl. I do not have children, I have a step daughter, son-in-law, grandson, and a granddaughter. We also have a Boxer named Jesse, she is our baby and keeps us laughing.

I have always been crafty and started scrapbooking around 2004, wanting to preserve the memories of my mission trips. After completing my albums, I started making cards and it was then that I was hooked. As a young girl I was inspired by my Mom to send cards to others during times of death, encouragement, sickness, and thinking of you. This was it for me, what better way to show an expression of love to others than with a handmade card? I send cards to family, friends, people in our church, those in need here on SCS, and I donate them to different organizations.

I have had the honor of being on numerous design teams and have met the most amazing people, that is also a blessing! I cannot wait to see what the nest six months brings, I hope that I can inspire you as much as I have been inspired! I must also say that this has been the hardest thing to keep a secret, to everyone I have come in contact with in the last 20 days; I am sorry I couldn't tell ya, but you know the