Tenia Sanders-Nelson - Tenia_Sanders-Nelson
Denver, CO
Holy Cow!!!! I sooooooo can't believe that I am a Dirty Girl!!!! I am so so so stoked....can't y'all tell?! When I got an e-mail from Miss Lydia I was thinking...." E-mail from Lydia and she needed help on a project....I am soooo on it"! So I called her and really wanted to help out on this project but Miss Lydia tricked me.....lol!!! She wanted ME to be a "Dirty Girl" y'all and I was pretty darn speechless.....yeah.....true story!! I was crying of happiness because this has been one of my dreams since the dinosaurs roamed the earth...lol!! I am soooooooooo excited to be on this team full of amazing women!!

As y'all already know I am Tenia Nelson and I am from the 5280......Denver, Colorado!! I am a child of God, wife to my awesome hubby Tim, Momma to awesome Thelonious(Theo for short), Doggie Momma to Miles and Brillo. I am a Denver Public Schools Music Teacher, Jazz Pianist, Soccer Star and last but not least.....a Paper Artist!! Love, love me some paper, ink, embellies and stamps!!! Again y'all I am sooooo honored and excited to be on this team full of AWESOMENESS!!! Thanks Lydia and the Splitcoast Team for this awesome opp!!!

Much Love,