Sylvia Blum - ~Fee~
Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany
Ohhh ... I'm so excited to be here! As a part of this wonderful, amazing and uber talented ladies, called the "Dirty Dozen"! I still keep pinching myself to make sure it's not only a dream! And to be on this team definitely IS a dream come true... but one I would NEVER have been brave enough to dream! If someone would have told me in the past, that I will become a "dirty girl" someday, I would have laughed out loud and said this person must be nuts :-D

But wait, I can imagine there are a lot of you who never heard about me and think: "What? Who is that Sylvia Blum?" *lol*
I was never very chatty in the forums, because I am a full time working mom of four boys (aged 20 - 8) and two dogs. So my free time is spare!

My paid job is a very technical one: I studied Businss Informations Technology and I am currently working as a software developer and project manager. So stamping and cardmaking is a balance for me. It's my way to relax and also kind of therapeutical wink

Having a 100% job and four kids (two of them grown up) is not enough to fill my day wink My dog Mexx and I are also a search-and-rescue-dog team in the German Red Cross smile

Well, sometimes I ask myself how I am able to find the time to create something... and it actually IS difficult at times! But being creative with stamps, ink and paper has become so important for me during the last eight years (I began stamping, because I wanted to make my own birth announcement cards for my youngest son!) that I always find a way to squeeze in some time for this wonderful hobby!

Oh and did I mention that I'm from Germany? I hope you bear with me and don't mind too much if I am writing crazy, weird sounding things sometimes (or anytime *lol*) - I hope you will understand me although wink

And maybe I should also explain my nickname ~Fee~?!
It has nothing to do with the english word "fee"... so don't worry... I am not billing you with something or so wink
"Fee" is the German word for "fairy". This nickname is historical grown because when I first registered on a German forum (I think that was about 20 years ago *eek*) I have used this nickname "Fee" - just for fun and because I wasn't creative enough to come up with a really fancy nickname, not that I was thinking I have anything in common with a fairy *lol* And so I used it ever since (ok, recently I prefer to use my real name, but usernames at SCS cannot be changed.. so I will be ~Fee~ furthermore wink )

Thank you so very much Lydia and everyone else who is responsible here at SCS, for having me!!!

Sylvia xx