Susan Roberts - Rainy
Sammamish, WA
You know those little animated smiley faces? Well, imagine one with its eyes popping in and out and its jaw dropping to the floor. You now have a fairly accurate picture of what I looked like when I read Julie's PM asking me to be a Dirty Girl! I'm still shaking my head in disbelief and am really nervous about this. I only hope that I can contribute something worthwhile to the team. I feel very honored.

My name is Susan Roberts, a.k.a. rainy here on SCS. I was born and raised in the desert in Richland, Washington. (Yes, Washington State has a desert.) My mom, who was an interior decorator and antique collector, always had some sort of craft project going on. She was so meticulous and patient in her art. But, sadly for me, I never took any interest in her crafts. Oh, the things she could, and would, have so happily taught me . . .

Instead, I chose to spend my time in the arts. I play the piano. I love to compose simple little songs and make existing songs my own with some tweaking here and there. Guess that is sorta like a CASE! In junior high I had an after school job playing classical music for ballet classes. It wasn't long before I put on a leotard myself and joined the dancers. When I was in high school my ballet teacher asked me to help her teach. I loved it! Later when DH was a college student I taught on my own for some city sponsored classes. I am currently a pianist for my church. Some of my other interests include snow skiing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, and a very neglected Harley Sportster sitting in the garage.

I have four sons: Jared (28) works for Google. Jeff (26) is in dental school. Gary (24) is the daddy to my darling twin granddaughters. Zach (16) is a great student and quarterback for his school's football team. Hubby (of 33 years) is Steve (younger than me) and brilliant. His job has taken us all around the world. We lived in London for about five years. His company was the first to introduce the UK to cell phone technology. He was one of the engineers at Bell Labs who 'invented' them back in the late 70's!

So my crafts background was one of observation until about two years ago when a friend (now my upline) invited me to a home to make some cards. I had such fun. She told me about Thank you, Joella!! It has changed my life. I am inspired on a daily basis by the talented and creative artists here. If I can, in any way, give some of that back to this wonderful community, I will be thrilled!