Susan Conrad - One4Joy
Wilamette Valley, OR
I am extremely grateful to find myself part of the Dirty Girls for September! When I found a PM from Lydia among my messages, I can't say I was surprised, I mean don't we all dream about being a member of the Dirt Pile? I love our community!

Writing this bio has made me sweat. Take a 'walk' through my gallery...that's really where you will find me. Every card or project I create is my favorite. I truly FEEL whatever is on my design board.

I have been blessed to be married (32 years) to the worlds' best husband, who lovingly encourages and understands my passion (he is as serious about Bass Fishing as I am with Paper Art). Our sons are now grown and peruse their passions. Amazing and loving men (both of whom randomly visit my gallery from time to time). After raising boys, I now have what I choose to call my daughters~in~love! No sweet grand babes yet.

I love hiking, waterfall hunting, cycling, knitting, reading and gardening. If you notice me gone from SCS, you can find me doing one of those other things. I've never been one for balance! My flaws are housekeeping, staying on task, housekeeping (oh, did I already mention that?)...I am positive there are more I could list!

It's been fun to meet quite a few SCS'ers for reals. And I've got a list for traveling when I am able to hang up my work for pay life! I know I've got special connections to many who I 'find' again when I open my Mac. We are all so blessed to be part of this creative community!

Thank you, Lydia for your confidence in me.