Stef Perry - dahlia19
Sherwood, OR
I am a bit overwhelmed and deeply honored to be one of the newest members of the Dirt Pile! When I received Lydia's pm recently one sleepy morning, I had to reread it a few times to truly realize she was asking me (really, me?) to become one of the newest members of the SCS Dirty Dozen. Woo hoo!! And then the celebration began!

I live in Sherwood, Oregon where the city really does hold a Robin Hood festival every year, complete with archery competitions and of course a parade. I grew up in Portland, just north of where I live now and have resided in Oregon most of my life. I met my husband 20 years ago and we have been together for the last 19, married for over 10 years. We love to camp, hike and golf. I have one daughter, 3 grandchildren and a 3 year old great granddaughter who is utterly delightful! After working in the banking and finance industry for 40 years, I retired last June, which has given me the opportunity to spend more time with family, friends and of course, crafting!.

I discovered stamping and card making 11 years ago. I'd had a bad skiing accident that shattered my lower left leg and the first weekend my surgeon finally released me to drive, after weeks in a wheel chair then using a walker, I drove solo to my first Stampin' Up party and totally fell in love with paper crafting! Looking back, it almost seems like destiny.

My card making style has evolved over the years. My mind gets boggled by anything too busy but I'm not a CAS puritan either, so I guess eclectic is a good description. Florals, watercoloring, fun techniques are all things I enjoy using to make my cards.

I am so very humbled to be joining the women of such great talent that comprise the Dirty Dozen at SCS and I hope to honor their legacy in the next 6 months.