Stacy Sheldon - jbgreendawn
Klamath Falls, OR
Hi, my name is Stacy Sheldon aka "JBgreendawn" and I don't really know what to say. (Which is fairly humorous if you have ever noticed my post count.) I have always considered myself a lucky kind of a person so, I rarely enter any kind of contest when there is a prize to be earned and so, I have to say that Lydia inviting me to become part of the Dirty Dozen is like winning the lottery without buying tickets. Impossible right? ( Unbelievable and Wow!)

I have pinched my self for real.

More than once.

Lydia, Thanks so much for asking me I am seriously going to enjoy every minute of this. and yes, she did surprise me with a song and dance that was actually plausible. I am married to my high school sweetheart (Tim) for almost 24 years and we have one 17 year old son (James) who has just enlisted in the Marine Corps. as a delayed entry while he has one more year of high school to finish. We have one yellow English lab dog (Grace) ( whose real color is fox red not a recognized color for the AKC ) 12 hens, one steer, 7 sheep, and one pig. On two acres with a huge garden that keeps us busy outside when the weather is good enough to go outside and play. Home is in Klamath Falls, Oregon. ( which is just 20 minutes north of the California border. ) I have been lucky enough to be blessed with bilateral cochlear implants ( that work ) and have been working on the comprehension of being able to understand what I hear with the bionic ears for the last 5 years now, and that has been an adventure.

I am an office manager during the week for our family business And a treasure hunting / vintage lace hoarder / stamp collector / shutterbug / bookworm during the free times. I have been stamping for a long time and what I have learned about me along the way is that I enjoy coloring and interesting texture mixes on projects. I did try scrap booking a few years back even did 24 albums in 2 years but, then the reality set in of you have one child... and having a semi truck to move him out would not be a good thing. So I switched to digital photography and have not printed a single shot since. And yes, like many people here the first time I ever learned anything about stamping was at an Stamping Up party. I did own one lone snowflake stamp before I went to it, I had stamped it as seals on the backs of envelopes for Christmas cards one year. My collection has grown considerably and I usually just smile and tell hub's it breeds in the dark at night when he is helping me re-arrange our shared hobbie room again because, my stuff is taking over. I have had other hobbies over the years (mostly textile type things) but, the more I learn playing with ink, the more I think there is still more to learn and that is what keeps it exciting. And now back to our regular gallery viewing.