Stacy Morgan - twinshappy
Spokane, WA
ACK! The Dirt Pile!!! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. This is such an honor and I am more than thrilled to be here! Lydia was very sneaky with her reason for the phone call, so I wasn’t thinking it was anything other than what she stated. She even had specifics in her little lie, she is GOOD! Once she told me I was so excited, Ranger our puppy went crazy thinking something was wrong. After he calmed down (and I calmed down) I was able to talk to Lydia about what she had just asked me. I double checked a few times to make sure I heard her correctly. Still in shock I called my husband and got him out of a meeting to squeal in his ear. He knows now after many years of being on SCS what this squeal was all about. He couldn’t understand a word I was saying but he knew it was the Dirty Dozen as that was the only word he could pick out of my squeals! Ha ha

My name is Stacy most know me in the gallery as Twinshappy. I have been crafting since I was little but started stamping about 11 years ago. I was invited to a Stampin Up party and I went out of obligation as she was a good friend. No way was I becoming one of *those* people. I came home with an order of the wheel and some inks for it. That was all I was going to need I told hubby, nothing else. Yea right now look at me, a dedicated room in the house for my stamping and several design teams later. Before becoming a member in 2005 I had gallery gazed for about a year before I took the plunge and started my own gallery. The daily challenges drew me in right away. Then the challenge chasers really got my attention and I became a “stalker” of the challenges. I have met some amazing friends that understand my crafting obsession. I am so thankful for SCS and bringing these women into my life as they are some of my closest friends. I have had the opportunity to meet some of them in person.

I am blessed to have the most supportive, dedicated and God fearing husband any wife could have. We have been married for 12 years and have known each other since high school. We have strong, beautiful twin boys that are the life and joy of our home. Needless to say how I stamp with them so busy is a challenge sometimes, but they are very supportive and enthusiastic about my stamping as I am. As you read we have a puppy, 17 month old German Shepherd that walks me daily and I do me he walks me. If I am not in the mood to walk, he grabs his leash and brings it to me to say, “let’s go mama”. We are like the post office rain, shine, or snow we walk every day. Keeps me fit and young I tell myself. Besides my obsession with stamping, other things I love is to bake and try new recipes often. Football is high on my list of favorite sports. Can anyone guess my favorite team? Nothing from the peanut gallery on this one either… :0) Since the boys are old enough we have all joined my husband’s hobby and that is competitive shooting in USPSA. Now that is fun and so different from my hobby. Its great family time and that is the most important thing to me!

I just want to say thank you again to Lydia for asking me into the Dirt Pile! I am going to enjoy every minute of this journey! Thank you to all that have inspired and encouraged me with comments over the years!