Sherrie Siemens - BC Sherrie
Abbotsford, BC
A little on my stamping journey. I, like most of you, have my roots in attending a Stampin' Up! party. I was instantly hooked and just loved the time I would take to be creative. My next step was to find a way to pay for my hobby. I went cold turkey from shop to shop bringing my cards in for consignment. I did get a lot of "No, thanks." but, I also managed to get a few shops that I still supply to this day. I started blogging in March 07' mainly because I wanted to chit chat and I liked blog surfing myself. This is when I really stopped lurking SCS and decided to jump in on challenges and in the wonderful forums. I have just loved being in the SCS community! There have been so many fabulous things happen that have come from stamping. I am on a wonderful design team (My Favorite Things) and now THIS! I'm having so much fun!

A little about me . . . I am a stay-at-home mom (a.k.a. chauffeur, chaperone, get the picture!). I am celebrating 15 years with my husband this year and have two wonderful children. Marie is 12 and Daniel is 9. I am learning grade 7 math all over again and am currently engaged in a science fair project on fruit mummification. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? I am a bit of a sports nut, love to still play in a women's volleyball league. I am quite tall; 6 feet.

I do love to make a mean latte! It is a little quirky passion, but I cannot create without a good cuppa at my side. This is the inspiration for my blog name, Card Creme. The "creme" is the carmel colored heavenly goodness at the top of an espresso shot. Yes, a little obsessed, I know.

I am so thrilled to be here!