Shannon Horch - scrapaholic007
Lodi, CA
Hello Stamping Family! I'm Shannon, a Northern California native that's always longed to live where it snows. I believe in family whether biological or self made. I cook family dinner just about every Sunday so our bond stays strong. I believe in love and have been in love with the same man for over 30 years now. We have four children, three of whom are adults and our fourth baby just became a teenager.
The first day of 2017, my husband had a heart attack and bypass surgery a couple days later. He had had a difficult recovery. We've discovered recently that the bypass didn't take. We are living life to the fullest and hoping his health improves with a few tweaks to our lifestyle. We are excitedly expecting our first granddaughter at the end of the year.
I believe in "making the best of it." Life can really throw you for a loop. When I was nine, I lost my hearing from Spinal Meningitis and had to adapt to a new world. I have approximately 3% hearing in my left ear and wear an aid that is said to be on the same decibel sound levels of a jet engine. My hearing aid allows me to continue my life long love of music, which l always have blasting through a deep bass speaker as I create.
I believe being creative is therapeutic. I've been "arting" and paper crafting all of my life. I started out with coloring books, broken bits of jewelry, buttons, stationery, puff stickers, eventually progressing to scrapbooks in my teens, which then introduced me to stamping and card making back in the 90's.
I believe in capturing the Magic Of Ordinary Days. I dabble in a lot of crafty genres, but my other true hobby is photo journaling. I'm terrible at writing daily, but not photography. I've been taking (multiple) daily photos since 2009. I can get lost in the moment as I venture out to find new things to photograph or new perspectives of the same thing. It helps me forget the pain that goes through my body as Lupus, Fibromyalgia and RA run their course.
I have been a member of Splitcoaststampers for 13 years. It is the best run forum around. The managers, moderators and hostesses are just amazing at what they do and the challenges are my favorite! They are so inspiring and help keep the mojo jar full! I love the community support and how much they give back to charities and card drives. I believe there is still good in the world, because I see it daily in the beauty, love and creativity that fill up the galleries. It is truly a special gift to be able to create little packets of love that are intended to give someone else happiness, comfort, or encouragement when they need it.
It is a huge honor to be a part of the Dirt Pile! I was so excited when I was invited to join the Dirty Girls. I actually sent a blank response at one point. Hahaha! Thank you so much for the nominations and for inviting me Lydia! I promise to do my best to beautifully represent the Dirty Dozen and SCS community!