Sandee Shanabrough - stampersandee
Monroe, GA
GET OUT!!! No way could this be happening to me! I don't know that I will ever really get over the shock of being asked to join the `DIRTPILE' y'all!!! When Lydia sent a PM saying there was a mix up with my DTGD prize and would I please call her, somewhere in the small recesses of my mind I wondered...what if? I had read all of those stories so I knew how Lydia worked. But then my logical self remembered I am not nearly as good as the Dirty Dozen! So I fully expected her to tell me she had not actually drawn my name to win the prize after all. Or that somehow I had made a mistake while uploading my cards, which disqualified me. So when she did ask me I got all choked up and she thought I had passed out! Well, I will do my absolute best to make sure Lydia and all of you will not be disappointed with her choice!

Years (and years and years) ago, I remember walking the aisles of Michael's and having no clue how people used those rubber stamps or even why. And then my sweet friend, Beth, asked me to a Stampin'Up! demonstration. I only went out of curiosity and because I love her, but I had no real desire to actually use those things! Little did I know, life would never be the same! I have been on the Our Daily Bread Design team since 2009 and the North Coast Creations team since its beginning. And now look!!! Seriously y'all, I can't stop grinning!

I am a native of Georgia. I am a Christian. I have been married to my hubby, Mark, for 35 years this past June and we have two kids. Our daughter is married and has five of the most precious and perfect children ever! They call me Grammie. smile Our son is single and works for one of the local counties as a 911 dispatcher. I also love reading, antiquing, thrift storing, and photography.

I `retired' three years ago, right after my FIL passed away. Mark and I sold our home and moved in with my MIL. She had Alzheimer's and needed full time care. Hardest thing I ever did. In the midst of all that, my own father was diagnosed with Leukemia. He passed away in November of last year and then my MIL passed away in December. Needless to say, the last few years have been rough. But with the help of the Lord, family and friends, my DT sisters and Splitcoaststampers, I made it through.

So thank you Lydia, for choosing me to be part of this amazing group of ladies! I am so blessed and feel very honored to have been asked!