Misti Oblander - scraperwannabe
Addison, TX
Hi, my name is Misti & I’m so excited about getting added to the Dirt Pile!!!

I always get asked about my username... back when I first set it up, I didn’t realize that the hyphen didn’t show up, I was going for Scrap-erwannabe. Then I decided I wasn’t going to change it because I wasn’t going to chat on here... *cough* *cough*

I live in Addison, TX, which is a suburb of Dallas. I’m a mom of 2 boys who are competitive archers. Because of them, my husband & I coach Archery & travel all across the US to archery tournaments. My card making is my sanity saver!! I’ll take images to color on trips or to the range & sneak in creative time that way.

I discovered stamping when I was in college. I started making birthday cards to save money! Bwhahaha!!! My style has evolved & I have found that I really love to color. Copics are my instrument of choice.

Thank you, Lydia for adding me to the Dirt Pile!