MaryJo Esposito - icela52
Murrells Inlet, SC
I am shocked, thrilled, and ecstatic that I was chosen as a Dirty Girl. It still has not sunk in but I'm working on it. I couldn't believe my email from Lydia asking me to be part of the Dirty Dozen. I woke my husband up from a sound sleep to give him the news. He said that is the biggest smile I've seen on your face in a long time. I said I was accepting, and he commented can I go back to sleep now. LOL So here I am.
My Crafts
I have done many crafts. I started sewing my own clothes at the age of 13. I made all my clothes for work and my boys' suits for 1st communion and confirmation, my husband's dress shirts, and my clothes for work. When the boys were babies, I made all their rompers and shirts. Along with that I crocheted 4 Afghans for each of the boy's twin beds. I painted boats on plywood for the hallway, made my own curtains., Christmas decorations. When we moved to South Carolina in 1977 I got into making ceramics and tatting came 3 years later. I still tat today and won many awards at the county state fair in SC. In 1999 I got involved in an online group making greeting cards and recipe cards. That lasted 3 years. We were from all over the world, I learned new card techniques from the Netherlands they stacked the same design on top of each other like we do today with plain card stock. I did paper stitching and piercing. Then I was introduced to SCS in 2009 and lurked and used your tutorials for a very long time. I was intimidated by everyone's work. I then got into Stampin Up and took off from there and went crazy buying punch bunch punches and made flowers. I had over 200 punches, including Martha Stewarts. In 2020 I decided to join SCS and be a more permanent resident with you. I found you more stable to be with than other groups and the love that you all share with others. So here I am today still with you and loving it.

Lets back up a few years. In 1976 we moved from North Smithfield RI, tried Florida for 10 months and landed in SC in 1977. In the 80's I became a race car driver in SC. I raced with the Carolina Girls and the men in the Hobby Division. I raced for 8 seasons, and we decided it was getting too costly to compete anymore and called it a day. $6000 was our limit and we hit it and moved on to cake decorating until I got Celiac Disease

I worked for BC and BS of SC for 25 years from January 1981 to May of 2003. I worked in almost all the depts. I retired as a senior business testing analyst and was really into my tatting.

In 2011 my husband died after 43 years of marriage, and I was really into my greeting cards more and my tatting. In 2015 I decided to sell my house and move to the beach. I longed to be near the water again. I met Nick in 2017. He was married 50 years. We both lost our partners to cancer. We married in 2018. Our combined family consist of 7 children my four boys and Nicks three girls. Between us we have 17 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren with another on the way in 2 months. We spent a week in Disney World on our honeymoon with Nick's daughter and her husband, and their three children It was a super fun week.

We live in a 55 plus community and love it. I have my own craft room and Nick likes to golf. We are 3 miles to the beach and it's a short golf cart ride to the beach. My miniature poodle Winnie and I went to the beach on the golf cart until she crossed over the rainbow bridge 1.5 years ago.

In 3 years, I have endured a left shoulder replacement, a cervical spine fusion and quadruple bypass surgery Feb 2022. In June 2022, Nick was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and is undergoing chemo now. He has 3 more treatments, and he will be done. He is doing great; the power of prayer can heal everything. He has been the recipient of the teapot Tuesday cards. They came with a lot of love and prays for us. They adorn our mantel until he is done with chemo, and all is well.