Marg Mortimer - margscardcrazy
Brisbane, Queensland
Hello, I'm Marg Mortimer aka margscardcrazy and to say I'm excited to be invited onto the dirty pile to play with the dirty girls ...and become one of them is the understatement of the year. I'm also a little nervous and sincerely hope I can meet the very high standards the rest of the dirty team past and present set.

I'm newly retired but have been making cards since 2001 when I changed from shift work to day shift allowing me to attend craft classes.

This is not the beginning of my creative adventure though, my earliest recollection of involvement with art work is me laying on our sundeck very carefully coloring and drawing, I think I would have been about six.

I won some art awards in high school and was accepted into Art college in 1968 however before I could take up the offer my mother passed away leaving my youngest brother aged seven so instead I opted to help my father.

My creative release through these years and through a very unhappy and destructive first marriage was sewing and cooking but it was never quite enough and I always yearned to paint or do something similar.

I spent many years as a single mum raising my three daughters and then met my husband of today.
It took three years for him to convince me that we would make a good team, he is nothing if not patient and I really wish we could have met when I was eighteen it would have saved a lot of heartache.

He is totally supportive of my creative endeavors and understands the need to be creative, his hobbies are golf and photography.

As I said in 2001 I embarked on some craft classes for card making and really liked it, being introduced to stamping for the first time, however before I could really get a feel for this new medium I was persuaded to join a parchment group and for the next eight years was committed to this discipline but kept being drawn back to card making as we know it, with all the color and impact that these cards give.

In 2008 one of my parchment friends asked me if I had heard of Splitcoaststampers and the rest is history, although the first two years I spent lurking in the background watching what everyone else was doing.

The amazing support and encouragement that SCS gives to our members me included helps us to grow as individuals and crafters and I will be eternally grateful for that support.

Yeh to SCS and Yeh to all of us for making our community such a wonderful supportive creative place to be.

Many many hugs