Marcia Howell - Suthnheart
Sugar Hill, Georgia
My name is Marcia Howell and on Splitcoaststampers you probably best know me as Suthnheart. I live in Sugar Hill, GA, which is a NE Atlanta suburb. I live with my husband and most trusted friend Wayne, and our two boys: Tanner, nine, and Asher, six.

I was born in Bermuda and visited my grandparents often through the summers until I was about six years old. I lived in Japan from the time I was a few months old 'til I was almost three, but have no memories of it. My parents have slides, though! We then moved to Albany, GA, because my daddy was with the US Navy.

I met my husband in high school in 1981 at the beginning of our sophomore year, and nope, we never dated then. Weird enough, soon after we met, I ran into him coming around a corner at school, made us drop all our books, and while picking them up thought to myself "I'm gonna marry him one day" . . . Obviously my mother let me read too many romance novels! When my best friend, Terri, passed away in 1992, my first thought was that I had to get in touch with Wayne. He had taken her to our Senior Homecoming Dance and they were very good friends. I know now that was God's guiding hand on me, because Wayne and I went out (just as friends) the next weekend to reminisce about Terri. Surprisingly, to me anyway, he asked me out again before the end of the evening. When I would talk about him at work, my co-workers said I "glowed." I just laughed it off and said we were just good friends, that we'd grown up together, and that we weren't a couple. Well, three months to the day after our first date, we were engaged! I'll tell you the story of his proposal another time! We were married that September, seven months after our first date, and I was two months pregnant by our first anniversary!

By the time Tanner was five months old, we'd been transferred with Wayne's company (he's in pharmaceuticals) from the Atlanta area to Ashburn, VA, just outside DC. When Tanner was 18 months old, we were transferred to Waynesboro, VA, a little town in the Shenandoah Valley. We really loved it there and I do still miss it. Then when Tanner was three and Asher was just six weeks old, we were transferred here, Sugar Hill, GA. That makes four houses in four years!

Oh, and in my life BK, before kids, I was a corporate Travel Consultant for NationsBank. I ran our Special Services desk handling the VIPs and also trained consultants as they joined our team.

I am a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator and will celebrate my one-year anniversary in August. I joined only for the discount, but have always loved teaching others so it's the natural course for me that I'm now turning my hobby into a business by helping others learn to stamp, scrapbook & express themselves creatively when they otherwise might not have that outlet. I finally commandeered a room in my house as a stamp room, but haven't organized it yet, so it's really a huge closet right now. It's driving me crazy and I hope to organize it by this winter.

I happened across Splitcoaststampers in January of this year and made one tiny post, asking someone to verify a web address that had been listed. I loaded a few pictures in my gallery in February and remembered to add a couple of cards to it in April. Then in May, things just clicked. Splitcoast is my favorite website and I check every day, all day, at least when Wayne's not home! I love to talk with fellow stampers and see their work, but I really like to uplift and encourage you, too. I'm so excited to see us grow (and grow and grow . . . !) and to be part of the Dirty Dozen. I was ecstatic when I received my invitation in the mail to be a part of this endeavor and hope that y'all enjoy what we'll create with just you in mind.