Mandi Mance - mandianna
Glasgow, Scotland
Hello I am Mandi and I can't believe that I am here! Let me set the scene for you. I was locked out of my SCS account. I could not remember my password and kept going back and forth with it. Finally I got in to my account and there was an email waiting for me from Lydia asking me to join the Dirty Dozen. Yikes!! Did she really mean me! The email was a few weeks old and I did not know if the post was still open. I emailed her straight away explaining that I had been locked out and if the position was still open that yes I wanted to join. Thankfully it was and here I am ha!! I will say it again I can't quite believe it! I am part of the Dirty Dozen yay!

I am married to Don for almost 10 years! He has been my biggest encourager. He fully supports my crafty lifestyle. He is a great husband and he even buys me craft supplies! He has gone to work on more than one occasion with wee bits of glitter or gemstones on his clothes ha! He is a native from Albany, New York and I am from Glasgow Scotland. So we have spent most of our marriage travelling back and forth to both places. We have lived in NY, Maine, Ireland and Scotland. He is back in New York for work purposes. I am still in Scotland but will hopefully be joining him soon.

I have been crafting in one form or another since I was a wee girl. My Mum often tells me she would find me around the house with scissors cutting up things and making a mess. I was only being creative!

I took up jewellery making seriously about 10 years ago when I first moved to NY and discovered those giant craft stores. It was like Christmas! I had never seen so much craft stuff in one place. I wanted to make everything ha! I dabbled in a few other crafts along the way before I came across paper crafting. I think I made my first card about 4 years ago and it was terrible ha! I have come a long way since then. It is a lot of trial and error. I think you need to find what you love doing and stick with it. Every day you will improve on your skills. I sure did! I could only dream of being on a design team or getting my work published in magazines when I first started out. Here I am 4 years later doing both. So dream big!!

I am not really sure what my style is. I think it is a bit of everything. I always like to mix up my projects and not just make cards.

I am currently on two design teams. The first one is for the Craft Stamper Take It Make It design team. The next most recent one is the Unity Stamp Co design team. I get to work with a great bunch of girls in those teams.

I am looking forward to sharing my projects with you over the next 6 months. I need to say a huge thanks to Lydia for giving me the opportunity to be on the team smile