Lori McAree - LMcAree
Fargo, ND
Who knew I could be a dirty girl?! I've dreamt about it since joining SCS all those years ago but didn't think I had what it takes and lost hope! I received an email from Lydia asking me to call her the next day, thinking it had to do with the note I sent to her on HYCCT. She is so sly, she gets you to talk all sorts of things and when you least suspect it, pop goes the question! I'm still in shock but giddy with excitement!!

I've loved crafting for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory is when I was about 5 years old, staying at my Grandparents and walking to the park down the street, we made a project out of marbles. I remember being SO proud of my creation and couldn't wait for my Grandma to come home from work to show her! She is where I get my crafting gene from (and still at 95 crafting!). About 12 years ago a former co-worker received a hand made card, I was in awe and knew I needed to figure out how to do that myself! I've learned a lot since then but have loved just about every step of this journey!

I've been married to my amazing, supportive husband for over 2 decades! I have 3 grown sons, grown step-son and step-daughter and the cutest granddaughter there is! The Twin Cities area of Minnesota was called home up until a year ago. Hubs got a new job so we packed up are stuff and we headed north to Fargo ND and absolutely love it here! We miss being close to family and friends but it isn't too far away and head down fairly often.

Thank you Lydia for making this girl's dream come true!!!