Lori Macedone - ArtzadoniStudio
Eugene, OR
Here I am! Lori Macedone, aka ArtzadoniStudio. You're looking at someone who was once very shy and always wished she could be a visual artist. I never felt very competent in school, or at drawing or painting, but luckily I was a natural born singer.

With practice and positive reactions, I faced my fears and focused my creativity on becoming a performing artist, singing and playing the guitar as a solo act in lounges and resorts throughout Oregon in the 70's and 80's.

When I married my husband, and took on his 2 kids, I stopped traveling and started doing singing telegrams. That turned into my own business in 1990 and I had a blast writing personalized songs for people's special celebrations. I donned a tuxedo, blew up balloons, busted into all kinds of environments and burst into song. No two people were alike so no two songs were alike.

About 15 years ago, when I discovered the world of rubber stamping, it added another creative level of great satisfaction to my life. Before SCS, I mostly taught myself the art form by devouring Rubberstampmadness Magazine articles. I am still a subscriber and have been published several times with cards and articles about newly discovered techniques.

In 2008, when the recession hit, my business slowed and I surprisingly learned that I didn't mind. I wanted to stamp more than sing! That's when I started seriously collecting everything I needed to create in my eclectic, recycled style. I quickly outgrew my laundry room, so my extremely supportive husband agreed to a remodel and Artzadoni Studio was born, complete with a sink!

When I finally closed my telegram biz, I joined our local community art gallery and started selling my creations. Several years ago I was asked if I would be one of their featured artists. I doubted it, but I asked my friends and family if they had saved any of my cards from the last 10 years and almost everyone had. I was so surprised when I filled a 25 x 6 foot wall with original cards! The show was called "Keeping Snail Mail Alive, One Card At A Time." Now, wouldn't it be wonderful if all of us avid stampers filled art galleries with card shows? Stamping IS art!

I’ve always loved making cards. I started with pressed flowers, moved to computer generated cards, and then started rubber stamping. But when I found SCS, I found HOME! I love being in the present moment, taking on the day's challenges, being inspired by all the talented artists and learning from all of you. Playing in my studio with my little granddaughters is also a major highlight!

My personal mission statement is to put a smile on the face of everyone I meet. I used to do it with songs, but now I do it with cards. To me, SCS is like a visual and virtual version of my old singing telegram days. Performance art without the sound.

Thank you Lydia, and all team members, for embracing me into this Dirty Girl world. I am very honored and grateful. Being asked to be one of the Dirty Dozen is a very big shot in the arm for someone who never thought she'd become a visual artist.

With smiles and inky fingers,

Lori "Artzadoni"