Linda Paider - Holstein
Green Bay, WI
Hi, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Linda Paider aka Holstein.
I received an email from Lydia to give her a call about helping with a challenge forum. This country girl fell for it ...hook, line and sinker. Never in a million years would I be prepared for the question she asked, "Would you like to be a Dirty Girl". My response "I'm just a farm girl with no blog or any experience on design teams". She reassured me in her kind nature that's o.k. you just need to be a stamper. Thanks to all the dirty girls who have welcomed me into the dirt pile.
Like many of you my stamping addition started by attending a Stampin-Up party ten years ago. The rest is history. Found this wonderful site and joined in 2007. It took me till 2011 to get enough courage to upload a card. Remembering getting comments on the cards warmed my heart. One gal in particular gave me encouragement to participate in the challenges. That would be my mentor Mary aka jandjccc. Needless to say I became a Challenge Junkie. The gals that do the daily challenges are like family....we give and take inspiration from each other. Thanks to all the gals that give freely their time and ideas to prepare these challenges for all of us. My favorite annual challenge is HYCCT. This challenge has you stamping from the heart!
When I'm not browsing the gallery you can find me helping Judi aka Crafts on the favorites thread on Sunday. So much inspiration on this thread. Recently have been helping with the Ways To Use It challenge on Thursdays.
A little about my life outside of stamping. I've been married to my husband Tom for 43 years. We have four grown children and four grandchildren. They love Grandma's craft room, and the projects we do together.
Tom and I operate a small dairy farm just south of Green Bay. Our herd consists of registered Holstein cows. Yes, this is where my username comes from...Holstein. They are black and white, and produce milk which is made into Italian cheeses. We have always enjoyed educating people especially children about farm life. Numerous schools have toured the farm. The Today show did a segment on our farm. This chapter of our lives will becoming to an end on April, 27, 2013. We are retiring, and the animals will be sold at a sale on the farm. They will all be going to good homes. What will I do on my first day of retirement? Stay in my jammies all day and stamp!
Thanks to Lydia for giving me this opportunity. This site to me is my fantasy world. Everyone gives freely their time and talent to all of us. It's amazing to me that every card uploaded started as a blank sheet of paper. Keeping this a secret has been difficult especially not to tell my good friend. Hi Gail:) Thanks to all my dear friends on this great site for helping with your inspiration and kindness.