Leslie Miller - leslierich
Southern Oregon
Yes, that's me in my native habitat, my garden. Picture me with the great big silly grin I had on my face when I received the invitation to join this awesome team! It's an honor and a privilege I do not take lightly, and I hope I can earn my keep here.

I've been stamping for a while, though not since the dawn of stamping. I kept resisting stamping and only got started on it so I could put greetings on my photo note cards. Well, I hope you know, that was the last of the photo note cards. I wanted to stamp the whole card! I used to emboss everything. EVERYTHING! I mellowed out on that, though. Geez, a person just keeps learning and changing, don't they? I saw my first Stampin' Up! catalog ever in October 2004 when I went to one of Cambria Turnbow's hostess parties. I put in a rather large order and joined her hostess club that night. She kept giving me funny looks from across the room and maybe she thought I was an oddball, but in retrospect I think she was casing me as a possible recruit. That girl is SHARP! Of course, I did have "recruit" flashing neon all over me. Now I'm an SU! demonstrator with my own hostess club and I don't know when I've had more fun!

When I'm not stamping I spend as much time as possible in the garden. It was my first all-consuming creative love. It led to the photography which led to the photo note cards which, as I mentioned, led to the stamping. I also used to sew alot, but I've never yet put a stitch on a card. I was a scrapbooking fanatic for quite a while, too. I also like to play around with computer graphics in different applications. Oh yeah, and read, watch movies, try new recipes, spend time with my friends and family, go on road trips, play outside...not necessarily in that order. The list goes on and on, really. I just enjoy life in general!

There's also that darn full time job that gets in the way of all of the above. I work in a very busy medical lab doing mountains of paperwork, processing specimens, assisting patients. I like my job but, whew, is it full bore, pedal to the medal all day! Thank goodness I've got a lot of really great friends there! My son once said, "so basically, you just go and kind of hang out with your friends all day?". I think he hit the nail on the head with a hammer!

Speaking of my son, he's 30 years old (yes, I'm 51--eek!) and lives about 90 miles away, but he calls and visits often. He's kept every card I ever sent him and brought them all home in a box once. Dang, he's so sweet! Then, there's my husband, Rich--the other half of my username. He's the most perfect guy for me because he loves me (okay, I love him, too). He's also very indulgent, supportive and tolerant. Boy, did I luck out! We've been married over 30 years--wow!

Anyway, thanks for listening while I blather on about myself. Have I lost you yet? Have fun looking around! I'm very happy to be here!