Lauren Meader - Mytime
Pittsfield, NH
Surprise! Can you believe "I" am a Dirty Girl? I know I can't. When I got Julie's pm, I thought she had to have sent it to the wrong person. After confirmation she meant it for me, and a few screams later, here I am.

I feel like an actress who won the Oscar!

I cannot tell you what an honor it is to be featured among the talent on this site. My creativity, since finding this site almost 3 years ago, has grown by leaps and bounds.

I guess you may want to know more about me. I don't know why, but, I am happy to share.

My name is Lauren Meader. I am 28 years young. I was born and raised in Lowell, Massachusettes. I attended a vocational high school that enabled me to complete my nursing degree at age 19. I was a nurse for 7 years. I am now a full-time stay-at-home mother and a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

We bought a house in Pittsfield, NH, on Valentine's day, 2003. Its a tiny little town, where everyone knows everyone elses buisness. This is where I first found stamping!

I am married to Jason. All I can tell you is that he is every woman's dream! Hot (yes, 6 pack hot!), sensitive, caring, romantic, selfless, and an excellent father. He is my soul mate. He has taken my love for stamping and supported it in every way. He encourages me to keep pushing myself every day.

I have 3 crazy, wonderful kids who keep me on my toes! They are why I stamp! LOL!

My daughter Alexa is 7. Many of you know my whole life story. She has Down Syndrome and was diagnoised with Leukemia in Februaury, 2006. She is currently undergoing treatments which will last for another 1 1/2 years, provided the cancer stays in remission. She has an excellent prognosis, and has had a lot of bumps along the way but never complains. She has always been the reason I do anything in life. Having a child with special needs changes your outlook on life and people in it. You see what is important. There is a stamp set created for Alexa, to raise money for pediatric cancer research. Now that is cool: taking something you love and being able to make a difference with it at the same time.

Noah is 4 and Daddy's clone! He did some modeling for a while at an agency in Boston, MA--fun, but extremely exhausting. He is high energy and all boy.

Amber is 2 going on 5! She looks just like an angel. She can turn on the charm big-time. I am in big trouble in a couple of years.

People always ask how I find time to stamp with 3 children. I tell them it's because I have children: I NEED to stamp! It's my sanity.

When I was pregnant with my third child I began to feel "trapped". Living in a tiny town, knowing no one, and being home every day! I loved being a mom, but, that was all I did. Now, I'm not saying that being a mom isn't important. It's a big job--probably the most important a person could have. But, I needed something for ME. I wanted something to do in my spare time that was good outlet for stress. That's how I got my name "mytime". Stamping is what I do with my time. All my life I have done other artsy things, along with cross stitch, quilting and, more recently, cake decorating. But, none gave me the satisfaction of stamping!

All it took to get me started was a few gift certificates for my birthday. I walked into a craft store without any clue what to buy. My MIL always made handmade cards for me that I loved, so I figured I'd give it a go; if I didn't like it, she could have what I bought. One flower stamp, black ink, a set of notecards and colored pencils later, here I am: totally addicted!

I plan to continue pursuing my love for stamping! I hope to be on a design team some day or maybe work for a magazine. Who knows! The sky is the limit right?

BIG thanks to all of you here on Splitcoaststampers! You have all allowed me to learn, grow, and share. I have met so many wonderful people here and am so happy to be a part of this site.