Latisha Yoast - 1busymomof2
Jacksonville, FL
Me dirty? I thought I was more of a clean and simple kind of gal, lol. Yes, I’m in shock still, but I am so ready for this wonderful experience; it is such an honor to be here.

Like most of you, I grew up having a love affair with office supplies and Hello Kitty stuff (we are around the same age; the kitty just turned 35). I had special cases for my pencils, and only used my stationery on notes to my Grandmother, I think that should be an indicator that I started hoarding at an early age. The year I stopped getting crayons and coloring books was so sad for me, I think I may have taken my little sisters and hid it underneath my bed. I was the girl who spent hours, perfectly coloring in a coloring sheet, and I would sign it proudly.

I am a native California girl born and raised. Around 11 years ago, my husband decided (well, we decided) to join the Navy and is now a helicopter pilot. With him being a military guy, we left California and have been blessed to live all over this wonderful country. Right now, we call Florida home (until the Navy moves us again). I have two children hence my SCS name, 1busymomof2. I have a daughter who is in the 8th grade and a son who is in the 3rd grade. Those two fill my heart with joy and love.

I made my first card when my husband was about to deploy, and it consisted of some cheap card stock and some Mrs. Grossman’s stickers. I was so proud, but if I were to look at them now I don’t think I would feel that way, lol. That is the wonderful thing about stamping, we all start at the same place, and with each card we make, we grow as a stamper. In the beginning I didn’t even know what the ruler on my paper trimmer was for. Let's just say no two cards were ever the same size!

In 2007, I found Splitcoaststampers, and I felt like a whole new secret universe was unveiled to me. There were techniques....really, I had know idea what a stamping technique was. Besides the wonderful gallery and site full of resources, I found myself forming friendships with women from all over. I think that is what makes SCS so special. It's the wonderful people who come here and support you with open arms. It's like a family you never knew you had, but can’t live without now. I want to say “Thank You” to everyone who had a hand in making me the card maker I am today. From my secret sisters, the girls I swap with, the Member Company forums and all of the Dirty girls who have come before me...I love and appreciate you all.