Kittie Caracciolo - Kittie747
Apopka, FL
SHOCK!!! It’s me!!! Kittie Caracciolo. Dig that last name!!! Now you know why I go by kittie747 on SCS. I was so very shocked and excited to get Julie’s *Confidential* pm. At first I thought I must have done something bad in a forum somewhere but then opened it to see an invitation to be on the Dirty Dozen design team. After giving thought to the invitation my excitement quickly turned to panic as I pondered the fact that I have a fairly limited stamping style compared to all of the wonderful present and past team members. I wrote Julie back and told her I would be thrilled to accept, but shared my concerns regarding my limitations and ask her to give it thought and gave her a chance to back out on the invitation if she wanted to.

I have been married to my husband Bob for almost ten years. He is the most wonderful and supportive husband in the world, my biggest fan and my most honest critic. He knows stamping is very important to help reduce stress from my job and it seems whatever makes me happy, makes him happy. He works for Mickey Mouse as a sound technician and loves his job in entertainment. He is an extremely creative guy who loves art, knows “everything” about music and is known as a "sound genius".

I was born and raised in Charleston, WV, went to boarding high school in Mount Vernon, OH and on to college in Takoma Park, MD, where I graduated with a degree in Vocal Performance and Music Education. I earned spending money during my college years by doing solo work all around the metropolitan DC area. I was also very active in my school’s performing arts program. I wanted to be a high school choral director and music teacher but it was not to be. It seemed when I graduated in 1974 all the school systems around the country were cutting their arts programs due to lack of funds. You know . . . they had to be sure there was enough money for the important things like sports.

I moved from Maryland to Florida with my first husband in 1978 and took the first job opening available to me as an appointment receptionist in a large medical practice. I was only going to stay in that position until I could get a teaching job. It is now thirty years later and I have been working in the medical field ever since. I moved from position to position within the same large medical facility at Florida Hospital and my responsibilities grew into medical management. I look back on this as my real education and refer to it as learning by the seat of my pants. I am now an operational director for a large medical management company and am responsible for managing specialty practices located in a Disney area hospital.

I was first introduced to stamping by my friend Wendy (wereids) back in August of 2004 and I became a hobby demonstrator a year later. My mother was a florist and I used to work in the shop with her. I loved playing with flowers and ribbon became a passion. Mother taught me floral design and I think that this creative process has been very helpful to me with my stamping. I have never had any formal art lessons and had never painted or sketched a thing in my life. A Limited Supply Challenge by Jen70 back in March 2006 got me started creating scenes. My Watercolor Minis fern stamp has been close at hand ever since, and I actually own two now, as I have almost worn one out! I soon purchased an artist pen to try my hand at trees since they are really nothing more than a few straight lines. I believed I could draw straight lines but not much else. My oldest sister, Cheryl, and the true artist in our family, reminded me recently that drawing of any kind is nothing more than lines. Yeah, right!!!

I attribute any and all of my creative growth to Splitcoaststampers, the wonderful community of people here, and the daily challenges. I have gained so much from trying new techniques--making me think outside the box of my comfort zone, doing things that I never dreamed were possible for me, and at the same time receiving affirmation from members who have quickly become great friends. I am always excited to share my procedure for creating a project in my gallery uploads so that anyone who wishes may gain from the information and have the opportunity to learn and grow the way I have. It is an honor and privilege for me to be involved with all of you on SCS and I promise to give each and every DD challenge my very best.