Kia Gibson-Clapper - kiagc
Southern Ontario, Canada
My given name is Karen, but I was given the nickname Kia when I was a newborn and it has stuck, and I also prefer it.

I am very surprised, and honoured to have been asked to join the “Dirty Dozen”. The worst part was I had to produce a picture – really!! I do not do well with pictures, never have and probably never will. But I relented, I only hope now that I don’t let the Dirty Girls down, but I look forward to the challenges that lay ahead.

A bit about me, along with card making I am a history buff, and that includes family history. Fortunately for me, my family history has been recorded from my father’s side and was published in a book in April 1988 called Schryver et cetera. My family originated in Europe, coming from The Palatinate of the Rhine in about 1699. The wars of religious oppression resulted in terrible destruction of the populace in 1622 under Tilly and again by the French in 1688. The English offered sanctuary to save the Protestant stragglers of the wars in Bavaria and under the guidance of Queen Anne, fed the 7,000 refugees coming out of the Palatinate Region. They were encamped at Blackheath and Camberwell where some of the families, under the protection of the Crown, were moved to Limerick Ireland and 3,000 were sent in 1709 to the Queen’s Settlements in British North America on Long Island. Some moved west and settled in Pennsylvania, but most, my family included, settled in what was then known as Duchess County on the Seaboard, where we lived until the War of Separation took place in 1776. My forbears stood by the Crown that had saved their lives in the European Wars. Recognition was given to those loyalists, and they were given a Title by King George the Third of England, the only hereditary title in Canada, that of United Empire Loyalist. My certificate of the U.E.L. states: “Those Loyalists who have adhered to the Unity of the Empire, and joined in the Royal Standard before the Treaty of Separation in the year 1783, and all their children, are to be distinguished by the following capitals affixed to their names, “U.E.” alluding to their great principle Unity of the Empire.” I hope I didn’t bore you, but this explains my great love for England and all of its history.

I am divorced, but while married my husband and I ran a marine business, sales and service of boats and a winter business of snowmobiles. In between seasons we travelled a lot. My ex is British, whose family lived in England (go figure), so I was most fortunate to have been able to travel and I spent a lot of time with his family in Stratford-upon-Avon. After our divorce I moved clear across Canada to British Columbia, and my heart is still there. I was very lucky to have continued boating in British Columbia and experienced the most beautiful scenery ever, and took full advantage of my proximity to the western United States. One of my favourite trips was driving the coast to the Columbia River Gorge, a fabulous trip. I lived in North Vancouver, near the top of the mountain, worked for lawyers and belonged to a non-academic International Sorority called Beta Sigma Phi, all of which kept me very busy.

I have always enjoyed having hobbies, and cannot imagine my life without a hobby. I sew for my home, (love interior design) I am a quilter, and when I lived out west I did “craft sewing” and sold my “stuff” at craft shows. I started making cards in 2006 after attempting scrapbooking which I did not enjoy. I found Kittie (kittie747) and started following her blog, reading and reading and attempting! Many went in the garbage, but some survived and I got hooked. I found SCS through Kittie and signed up in 2010, but never had the nerve to upload until the last few years. I love trying new techniques, and will attempt anything once. I am not big on social media per say. I do not have a footprint on the web, and have no interest in that. But I love SCS. The talent I see at SCS inspires me every day. Everyone freely shares their ideas, the “how to do’s” and are so generous in their kind comments and support and I am having fun ... thanks for listening ...

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