Kathy LeDonne - Kathy LeDonne
Manchester, CT
I am so excited and honored to be here as a new Dirty Girl! This is an exciting new Adventure that feels full of Wonder and many impossible Possibilities. I definitely feel like I have stepped through a looking glass!

Let me share a bit about me. As a child I loved making greeting cards for my family. I could not draw well then, or now, but I would make a picture and write a poem. My parents saved those cards for years. My love of card making is very old.

I have always been crafty. Sewing, knitting, needlepoint, flower arranging, stained glass and basket weaving are some I have learned a bit about. Around 1988 I was introduced to rubber stamps when I became a district manager for La Leche League. This was before home computers were common. We did not have one and the woman I took over from suggested rubber stamps as a way to illustrate a newsletter. I could order stamps from a small selection of rubber stamp companies through their catalogs since there were no local stamp stores back then. I would add small stamped images to my handwritten newsletters and my son and daughter would help me add a touch of color. For a long time that was all I did with my stamps.

One day in 1994 I stopped for lunch at a small restaurant about a half hour from my house. There was a small room next to the dining room that was wall to wall and floor to ceiling full of wood mounted stamps, card samples and stamping supplies. My mouth fell open and stayed that way as I wandered around studying everything! I spent a lot of money that day buying stamps and supplies and a couple of books on basic stamping techniques. I went home and tried all the techniques in my new books. I made many trips back to that store and took a few classes there.

I remember that this was an emotionally challenging time in my life and this new craft was an escape and a comfort. It brought me joy. I wanted to share it with everyone. I was trying to figure out how I could do that when I saw a small blurb in a stamping magazine about Stampin Up! They were looking for new demonstrators to teach rubber stamping at home parties. The universe had handed me a solution to my musings. I signed up as a demonstrator in 1996. I had never thought I had much artistic talent since I cannot draw and art classes when I grew up were all about drawing. If you had told me before this point in time that I would be teaching art, I would have laughed. Stamping has expanded my view of what art encompasses.

I do not remember exactly when I discovered Splitcoaststampers. I think it was still a site for just SU Demonstrators at that time. I am sure I lurked for a long time before I finally joined in 2004 and created a gallery. I know that viewing the amazing talent on this site has helped me hone my skills and improve my projects. That was true 18 years ago and is still true today. Participating in the daily challenges has been a wonderful part of that process

I spend part of most days playing in my stamp room with one of my two cats, or my two visiting granddogs for company. I make cards for family and friends or just for fun. This leaves me with lots more cards than I can use, so I will often send out boxes to the monthly Cards for a Cause. After reading over this biography, my loving and supportive husband smilingly commented that I now have my own room which is filled wall to wall and floor to ceiling with stamps and supplies. A little bit of paradise that is my very own!