Karen Barber - Karen_B_Barber
Miamisburg, OH
How humbling, and what an honor to receive the email from Lydia that made me say to myself, "What else could it be??" Lydia had been trying to reach me for 2 weeks and when she finally found "me" she had the wrong Karen Barber. Lucky for me, the other Karen Barber is not a stamper, or I might still be on the outside lookin' in. When Lydia finally reached the real me, and I read that email, the whole room just sort of felt like it was whirling and I was having an out of body experience! So here I find myself, a "dirty girl". With all the talent I see on SCS, all I can say is it's a wonderful experience, but at the same time very humbling.

A little about myself. I was born and raised in Connecticut, where I married my childhood sweetheart when I was literally, still a child myself. We just celebrated our 37th anniversary, and he is still my best friend. We have four married children who have blessed us richly with SEVEN DARLING GRANDDAUGHTERS. They are the light of our lives. My husband and I were stateside missionaries with the Africa Inland Mission in New York for 23 years until 4 years ago when we moved to Ohio so we could live by at least some of our grandchildren. Since then, others of our children have moved here, and life is full and blessed. I work full time as an Office Manager in a busy dental office here in Ohio.

My stamping journey began about 18 years ago. My earliest experiences were with D.O.T.S. where I was introduced to stamping. My initial reaction? Well I was the heckler, thinking how silly to think I would sit around rubber stamping - who has time for that nonsense? It would be fine till you had sent everyone you knew the same birthday card and then what the next year? You would just need more and more and more stamps.....how ridiculous! At some point I bought that first stamp....it was an evergreen tree......and the rest is history! Here I sit, thousands and thousands of stamps later!! I can say that in this setting.....because you all know exactly what I mean!!

I became a Stampin' UP! demonstrator in 1997 when I realized that I absolutely needed everything in the catalog. My journey with Stampin' Up! has been an amazing one - with my years in New York filled with many Founders Circle experiences, the highlight of which was serving 2 years on their Advisory Board, so I guess you could say, I am an SU girl, thru and thru. I do however own other stamps, because a girl can never have too many stamps.

I started my SCS gallery in 2007 while suffering severe withdrawal from stamping friends after moving to Ohio from New York. SCS has become my stamping community and I have made so many dear friends here, some of whom I have had the joy of meeting in person. SCS has been a tremendous encouragement to me. So here I find myself, being blessed with the honor of serving on the Dirty Dozen. To say I never dreamed of being here would be a lie. But how many of the things we dream about actually happen? I am SO doing the happy dance! I only hope I can be half the inspiration to others, as YOU all on SCS have been to me.