Kandie Emerson - kemernow
Mishawaka, IN
After only one year on SCS (anniversary in June!) I have the unbelievable honor of joining the Dirty Girls. I thought my PM from Lydia was about the little metal washers I decorated with miniscule alcohol ink sceneries. When I read her question as to whether I was interested in DD, I nearly had a heart attack! I'm still waiting for another PM saying, "Oops! Sorry! Wrong person!"

My name is Kandie, my post name is Kemernow, which stands for Kandie EMERson NOW, a return to my maiden name. I'm the last of the Emerson family name, so even though I am now married, I keep Emerson before my new last name. I worked part-time in a thrift store and met several nice folks, one of whom was a real estate broker who also did auctions and estate and tag sales. I started helping him now and then at the sales for a couple of years for a little extra spending change. One day this handsome man was also working at the sale, and I introduced myself and asked him out for coffee. Turns out he was the broker's father! Move ahead a year, we were engaged last Christmas, married in August 2016, and our one year anniversary is next month. And the broker is now my stepson, along with his two brothers! And I inherited daughters-law and step-grandchildren!! Along with my two girls and son and 11 grandchildren, special events are now a blast!

I taught myself to knit and crochet by checking out multiple books from the library and spreading them all over the table or floor to study, and I taught myself stamping the same way. Then I got away from it for about 15 years. My, how things have changed! My first gallery card a year ago was a paint chip card. Now I can't imagine submitting such a thing. I'm easily enabled and have an insatiable curiosity to learn about techniques, so sooner or later I get into everything, which means supplies for each, which means working more estate sales and auctions to buy more stuff. And round and round it goes.

I pledge to do my best and all for the Dirty Girls/Dirty Dozen, and plan to enjoy the next six months to the utmost. Bring it on!