Joyce Ireland - AnniePanda
Palm Bay, FL
Like many before me, my first thought when I saw a message from Lydia was that I must be in some sort of trouble. Although I couldn't imagine what, since I've been doing this posting thing for many years. In fact, I first came to Splitcoaststampers as "write2it", but changed to "Anniepanda" later. What a surprise of astounding joy when I actually read Lydia's message! I will do my best to live up to this "dream come true" honor.
Writing anything personal is always difficult for me. So, bear with me as I share a little of my past with you. This is the first revelation you should know about me. It is the basic story of the true meaning of life. Since a very young child I have been a believer in God, Jesus Christ the Son of God, and our helper the Holy Spirit. I didn't start out as a Catholic, I found the Church on my own as a young adult. I've had some rough times, even with my faith. Depression can make everything more difficult than it should be. Thankfully, that is behind me now since 2016. Read Dr. Perlmutter's book "Grain Brain" if you want to understand how I pulled out of my depression. Revealing this information clears the path for you to understand me and my journey.
I was born in Miami, currently living on the Space Coast. I am fortunate enough that I don't go to work any longer, so my time is my own. I love my family and deeply enjoy making memory pages about us all. The subjects of most of my scrapbook pages are my 3 great grandchildren.
I have scrapped photos as far back as having a camera goes. From my first little Brownie, taking and saving photos that I stuck down on black pages with sticky corner, adding notes, these albums were important to me. I also had a scrapbook of magazine photos of my teenage crushes like Ricky Nelson and Frankie Avalon. The when hubby came into my life and introduced me to the SLR - it got real!
The one thing that made the biggest impact happened around 2006 when I was introduced to stamps and ink. After attending a Stampin' Up! party, my crafting world changed drastically. Card making became a huge part of my life. Now I often use stamps on my layouts. Although I tried my hand at being a demonstrator I didn't do well, then ran out of space for keeping all the product I continued to buy. Although I love teaching about this craft of ours I have discovered I'm too technical over the details and find it hard to just relax. By the way, I drink decaf because I'm already high strung. Last year I moved into another area of thought: "just do it - let it go- don't over think every little thing". I'm simply allowing myself to enjoy the journey.
What an adventurous journey I am now embarking on. As I get into the swing of the Dirty Dozen and creating for our Fan Club I promise to make the team proud. I hope to add value and encourage all you crafters to take the challenge of making art. Each and every one of you have an artist soul inside, so share it!