Joanne Travis - sleepyinseattle
Bellevue, WA
Hello everyone, I am beyond happy and excited to be here! This is such an honor for me and I am very grateful.

I am a true Splitcoast stamper. I was born in Philadelphia, grew up in New Jersey and spent most of my life in the southern part of the state. Before we moved from there I lived at the "Jersey Shore" about two miles from Atlantic City. We moved to the Seattle area about 17 years ago and we fell in love with the beautiful Pacific Northwest. So I traded in the shores of the Atlantic for the ones on the other coast! I have a wonderful husband, Jim, who is very supportive of my stamping obsession, an awesome son, Billy, who is going on his third year of college in September, and the coolest dog ever, Rocketman, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Some things that I love- movies, music, travel, history, food and home and garden shows. I am an avid reader and always have multiple books going and audiobooks when I am stamping, working, driving, gardening, walking. I have always had a love for all crafts for as long as I can remember. Starting with making pot holders from those loopy things, coloring, cutting, gluing things together, gum wrapper chains when I was a little kid to sewing, macrame, cross stitch, painting, stamping, scrapping, and anything to do with paper. I've set some goals for the next years to learn calligraphy, drawing, acrylics and oil painting. Never enough hours in a day!

I will always be grateful to the Splitcoast community for all that I have learned and the friends that I have made along the way. I love how kind and supportive everyone is for each other. Participating in the challenges that are provided here has done so much to help me learn and grow in this world of stamping, my favorite hobby of all.