Jo Lynn Billups - jodylb
Abilene, TX
Hi, y’all! I’m Jo Lynn Billups, but go by Jody or JodyLynn here on Splitcoast. Jody is a childhood nickname, and when my favorite aunt got mad at me, it was an exasperated “JODYLYNN!” So now that that’s all cleared up, I’ll remind you of how sneaky Lydia can be. She sent me a PM asking me to call her about suggestions for re-vamping the web page – and when I finally reached her we actually talked about the web page, before she dropped her oh- so-casual “ But what I REALLY want to know is how you would like to be a Dirty Girl?”
I panicked. I stuttered. I told her I wasn’t ready – nowhere near good enough to be a part of THE team. Of course, I calmly asked her what it entailed, etc., etc., while I was jumping up and down in my head. I mean, this was a fantasy come true! When I got off the phone, I went to tell my husband and couldn’t even get the words out for the tears. And bless his heart, when I said I was going to be a Dirty Girl, he knew exactly what I was talking about (is that amazing, or what?). I don’t think I have ever been as excited, and as scared, and as thrilled!
Okay, about me… I’m a native Texan who loves to read while eating chocolate and drinking coffee, although I’ve been known to have a margarita on occasion. Before I got old and became a stick in the mud, I loved to dance. My husband Mel (who doesn’t dance but sings beautifully) and I have been married 25 plus years (he was so impressed that I carried a screwdriver in my purse that he just had to marry me, but that’s another story.) We have three grown kids – my son Matt, and his twins Marc and Angela. The boys – both single - live here in Texas; Angela, her husband and our four grandkids - two girls and two boys - live halfway across the country in South Carolina. Needless to say we don’t get to see them often enough. We’re also the proud parents of three cats – Zooey is thirteen, Tucker is ten and the newest addition to the family, Sadie, is eight months old and wild as a March hare! All three are rescue kitties.
Mel and I are former letter carriers and Postmasters, and retired from the USPS. I retired again in September from a small school district just south of Abilene, where I was the technology specialist for ten years. I’ve basically done nothing but make cards since! Mel is totally supportive, which is a good thing - because he usually “gets” to see my creations every step of the way. I am addicted to dies and have way more than any normal person should be allowed. I also love cookbooks, but rarely put them to use!

I started making cards several years ago, generally designing and printing them off of the computer. In 2011 I discovered edger punches, and my habit was born. When I found Splitcoast I learned there was a other world of creating, and I stalked the site for months before getting brave and posting my first card. Since then I have learned and grown so much, thanks to all the talented people (enablers all) so willing to share their knowledge and friendship. I would never have made it to the Dirt Pile without you! It truly is an honor, and one I NEVER expected!