Jo Ann - Jo Ann F.
New York, New York
I was so surprised and honored to receive Lydia's email inviting me to join the Dirty Dozen! I asked for a few months until after I retired, but that still hasn't happened, and here I am. I am truly thrilled to be included in this group of awesome stampers that I have admired for so long. Growing up my sister and I learned sewing, needlecraft, knitting, crocheting from our mother and grandmother. I was not considered the artistic one; I was the practical one. I majored in math and studied accounting and budgeting. After my first child was born and I stopped (paid) work, I saw in the local community college catalog a calligraphy class - "no artistic talent needed." That sounds like me I thought, so I signed up and my husband watched the baby. I lucked out because I had a great teacher. She would teach at the board, then go around looking at each person's work and making comments. One day she whispered to me "You know, you really are much better at this than anyone else here." I consider that one of the best compliments I've ever received in my whole life! I continued to study calligraphy, and of course I realized that you do have to have some artistic talent, but it was a wonderful revelation to me that I have artistic talent, and I view it as a gift from God! I still feel inadequate in terms of drawing, and that is why I started getting into stamping to illustrate my calligraphy. I found SCS after a bit, and I've been hooked ever since. My style is CAS and I'm drawn to sentiments with good lettering. I enjoy trying new techniques and styles, but I'm not really fond of fussy, complicated techniques. I especially love watercolor.

I photograph all my cards & projects, and I use Adobe Lightroom to keep track of them. I keynote by occasion, stamp company, SCS event, etc. I use excel to keep track of the cards I send. So helpful when someone thanks me for a card and says how much they liked it, and I can go back and see which card I sent! I send a lot of cards to family and friends, colleagues at work and I'm a member of the BRAK exchange.

I am married to Don for 48 years and he's very supportive of my crafty activities. We have three children and five grandchildren who all live in the Boston area. I live about 30 miles north of New York City, where I grew up. I commute into the City four days a week to work as the Assistant to the President/Registrar of my high school, and I'm trying to retire.

I'm so excited to be here and thank you for the warm welcome.