JJ Barrett - IndigosMom
Seattle, WA
Greetings from JJ Barrett AKA IndigosMom. I am still stunned by the invitation to join the Dirty Dozen - so exciting! There are so many talented makers here on Splitcoaststampers, and I am always impressed by the encouraging words and lessons learned consistently shared throughout the community. I am truly thrilled to be part of the team.

What I love about papercrafting - and I will tell anyone who will listen - is that I am reminded of elementary school art classes, where we had carte blanche access to *all* of the craft supplies to make whatever we wanted (well, almost.) Maybe that is why I have so many supplies and mediums...reliving childhood! What I like in particular about cards is that you can have a completed project in a single sitting. Maybe I just prefer instant gratification, have little patience, or both! I have learned that crafting has a calming impact on me, and I make time to do it almost every day. I came across Splitcoaststampers in the early days of my journey and quickly became a technique junkie. I love to try new things, including alternate ways to use supplies and tools.

I live just north of Seattle with two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Sirius and Titan, and three birds, Birdie a cockatiel, Daisy an african grey, and Diego a caique parrot. I did not think I would have so many pets all at once, honest! My cockatiel is 28 years old and Sirius is 10 which is VERY senior for both of them (Grumpy Old Men, LOL!)

When not crafting, I work as a Product Manager at a software startup that built an app for crowdsourced data collection (think Uber for data collection - we send tasks to users and pay them for providing information. Our app has been used to help combat Zika in Columbia and improve access to unexpired vaccinations in Nigeria.) I studied music performance in college, and even was a paid professional for a bit before my career pivoted to technology. I play the french horn, and play fairly regularly with local community orchestras. In the past 10 years I have done a lot of international travel for pleasure / ecotourism. I am super excited to be heading to Uganda to see African Grey Parrots in the wild later this year.

Oh, and Indigo, the inspiration for my user name, was a Bernese Mountain Dog who was part of my family when I joined Splitcoaststampers. Unfortunately she did not live to see her 4th birthday due to under-developed kidneys. Best dog ever!

I am so stoked for all of the DD fun the next six months! I have a going forward goal to improve sustainability / 'ecofriendliness' in my crafting habit (including reduced single use plastic). We will see how I do with that.