Jen Charboneau - Miss Boo
My name is Jen Javorsky. You know me as Miss Boo. If you’ve been here a long time, you may remember me as jen70.

I started paper crafting in 1997 with scrapbooking. A friend begged me to come to her party and I agreed under the condition that I wouldn’t be cutting my photos. Well, you can probably guess that I cut my photos. I was hooked and kept my scrapbooks up to date until I was introduced to Stampin’ Up. I am way behind on my scrapbooks, but my cards are my passion and I’m even selling them now in a doctor’s office.

I found Splitcoast Stampers in 2005. Back then I was known as jen70. There were so many great stampers to learn from and I was immediately addicted to the challenges. It wasn’t long before I was asked to hostess the Friday Limited Supplies challenge (retired). In the Limited Supplies Challenge (LSC), I started featuring stampers to case. After all, we can’t have every stamp and all the supplies available. So, we adapted by casing cards using some different items. I eventually asked the community manager if I could start a new challenge. I wanted to stay at the LSC so I quickly turned it over to a new hostess as planned.

In 2008, I took a short break and changed my name to Miss Boo. I love Halloween. My husband helped me with the new name. Before I could announce myself, I had people messaging me asking if I was jen70. Apparently, I have my own style. I don’t know what that is, but I know what I love. I love patterned papers, ribbon and coloring adorable images. I was quickly drawn to Copic markers when SCSers began using them. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been learning to color flowers. I’m even learning their names! (I don’t have a green thumb. At all.)

Shortly after returning as Miss Boo, I was chatting on a thread in general stamping about clean and simple cards. It was there that stampers decided there needed to be a CAS challenge and they asked me to be the hostess. I guess I had a little experience. Design teams were all the rage back then. (I was on DRS Designs and Rubbernecker design teams and did guest designing at Gina K Designs.) So, I decided to have a design team for the CAS challenge. Every three months, there was a contest and the previous design team helped choose the next three designers. It was a lot of fun for many years. But I burned out and lost my muse. I stopped paper crafting for a few years.

What brought me back in 2017? Well, at the young age of 47, I had major heart surgery. I was misdiagnosed for many months. I’m truly blessed to be alive today. With a new outlook on life, I returned to making cards again and began posting on SCS. And here I am today… so excited to be here in the Dirty Dozen Gallery!

Like everyone else, I was surprised and excited to get the message from Lydia inviting me to be part of the Dirty Dozen. But I bet I’m the only one who can say they read their message while on a gurney in an emergency room. I’m okay. The chest pain was only from anxiety. My son was also in the ER. He’d been rushed by ambulance from school to the hospital because he could barely breathe. He’s okay, too. It wasn’t Covid. It was an asthma attack. First one in over 20 years.

My son, Brian, is 25 years old. How time flies! Am I right?! He was born 16 weeks prematurely and is challenged with cerebral palsy and autism. Here in Michigan, we’re fortunate to have special education through age 26. He’s graduating soon! And sometime soon we’ll be empty nesters. I’m not sure how I feel about that. We have great programs who will help him be independent in a new home. When Brian was young, I married a wonderful man who raised Brian as his own son. Jim and I have been married now for sixteen years. My husband is incredibly supportive of my paper crafting. My son just says I have a habit. Well, he is right.

I love teaching and during my career I worked in daycares, private schools and public schools. Most of those years were spent teaching students with disabilities. These days I’m on disability and missing teaching. I love learning USA history and would love to travel through the east coast someday. I also like reading, writing and watching crime dramas.

I make both cas cards and cards with lots of layers. I’m allergic to messy and long techniques. And I still love the challenges! I’m delighted to be here in the dirt pile after hoping for so many years. I hope you enjoy and are inspired by my work.