Jean Kanack - jkanack
Menomonee Falls, WI
Hello, everyone! I'm delighted to be given permission to not take a shower or bath for six months! Good thing it's almost summer; I might need to stand out in the rain or find a lake or river.

I live in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, the largest village in Wisconsin. I was born in Milwaukee; Menomonee Falls shares a border with the city and there are many fun things to do there. Except for a short few years when I was first married, I have always lived here. Yes, winter can be tough but I love the changes of season and there is always hope that the weather will improve. We do talk about the weather a lot, all year round, in fact.

I have a BFA in music education and spent about 35 years teaching flute privately in my home, various schools and music stores. I love starting young ones on the flute; they are so excited, nervous, and dedicated. My degree also included piano and voice. I sang my first solo in church when I was 5: The Friendly Beasts. My Dad, an artist, sketched all the beasts and my little friends stood behind me with the posters. I still have one.

I have two children: Liz is 37, married to Scott and has two children, Clare, 8 years old and Mirren, 5 years old; Joe is almost 34, married to Leah and they have my grandkitty, Lemmy. When Clare was born, I was going through a very bad time and I always say her birth saved my life. The girls live across the state in LaCrosse and I try to visit as much as possible. They are beyond tons of fun and I'm crazy about them.

I have been divorced since 2013. We were legally separated since 2009. That was part of my dark time. I sometimes wonder if I wasn't meant to be alone all along, since it's very comfortable for me. I enjoy my own company and think I'm a pretty nifty person. I fortunately developed many friendships that weren't dependent on my marriage (a very good idea for everyone!) But then I wouldn't have my children and granddaughters. I'm sure I've taken the journey I was supposed to take.

I have always loved art, have a collection of it and have way more than I need. I love to support local artists. A few years ago, I asked a friend to help me expand my horizons with art and that was when I was introduced to Zentangle. Zentangle is so freeing, there are no mistakes, and there are times when my pen has moved on its own. I have also explored water color, creating my own papers, collage, mixed media, all of which I love. I'm especially attracted to organic ideas.

Things I've done: performed at Disney World/Epcot; traveled to Chiba, Japan to perform there; played in many pit orchestras; traveled to NYC to see my brother perform at Carnegie Hall TWICE! Very proud of him.

Things I love to do: go to the Milwaukee Repertory Theater and concerts; art shows; flea markets and resale shops; read; decorate my home with found items; go 'up north' to cottages on lakes; cheer on the Packers. They better get their act together this next season! See you in the galleries!