Iwona Palamountain - chupa
Sunbury, Australia
I should probably start somewhat like this: "Hello, my name is Iwona and I'm addicted to stamping." Or, "could someone explain what I'm doing here, and what the heck do I do now??" lol

Ok, so I knew about these extra special phone calls from the SCS staff... So, when I saw an email from Lydia one fine morning, my heart raced beyond imagination. I knew that it's quite possibly something about me having done something wrong (trying to be a good girl here!), so imagine me almost choking on my coffee!

Many times in the past I would imagine, how super swell it must be to receive an offer to join the Dirty Dozen, and wondering how it would be to make it here... never in my wildest dreams I'd expect that it would actually happen!! I'm both stunned, and happy beyond words... yay!

My name is Iwona Palamountain, but you would also recognize me under the nickname "Chupa". I know it's a funny one, but bears special meaning to me and my hubby, as it reminds us of the extraordinary circumstances that we met in.

I was living in Poland all my life, and two years ago I moved to Australia, to join a wonderful man that I met online. It was a ground-breaking decision, and I'm deeply thankful for everything that happened ever since.
We now have a wonderful little girl (turning one on the 24th this month!!)

I've always been artsy/crafty, and my parents found me drawing quite neat pictures at the age of 8. I tried to pursue art, but was always finding that I need an adequate dose of craft in what I do, and therefore I chose to become a Landscape Architect (read: Garden Designer)

I love Interior Design too, and would be happy to dabble in it in the future.

My card-making adventure started in July last year, when I decided that I make a birthday card for my dad. I was googling for some inspiration, and it led me to discovering some amazing blogs, and ultimately - the challenges. I found SCS later on, and for a long time I was unsure, whether my work is good enough to share.
I find stamping a great passion, an adventure that entailed some beautiful friendships, and amazing opportunities. I'm excited to find out where else this hobby will take me!

I'm THRILLED to be a part of Dirty Dozen, and would like to thank everyone who made it so, by giving me encouragement and the reason to create! Without you, I wouldn't be here. I promise to do my best, to rise up to the new challenge!!