Holly Brown - hbrown
Temple, TX
Howdy y'all! My name is Holly and I live in Texas with my husband. My earliest memory of "being crafty" is grabbing my crayons and coloring in my coloring books. When I was a little older, my grandmother bought some botanical coloring books and they had reference photos for the plants and flowers. I felt so grown-up using two or three different colors of green to color a leaf.

Over the years, I dabbled in making sequin and felt ornaments, some children's simple sewing projects, cross stitching, decoupage, making jewelry, and coloring with crayons and colored pencils. Then one day a friend asked me if I wanted to join her stamping club. I was hooked. All other hobbies fell by the wayside as I dove deeper and deeper into the world of rubber stamping.

For me, rubber stamping has been a gateway to learning about different mediums and different tools. When I started stamping almost 20 years ago, we basically just inked up a stamp and pressed it onto paper. If we were more adventurous, we would color that stamped image. Today, we have so many different ways to enhance our stamped images. Embossing, stenciling, alcohol ink backgrounds, gel press prints, twine, blending brushes, glimmer sprays, mica powders, watercolor paints... the list goes on and on! Thank goodness my wonderful husband doesn't mind that all my crafty stuff has spread out of the craft room into other areas of the house. LOL!

I've been a member of SCS since the beginning, and I went to several shoebox swaps that were organized by local folks here on SCS. I was finally able to put faces with the names that I'd known for years. When the Fan Club started, I was in awe of the talented ladies. To me, they were like the gods of Mount Olympus. One particular Fan Club project always stands out in my mind - the magnificent Linda Duke created Cinderella's pumpkin carriage using stamps and paper and glitter. *gasp* (Note: You can find it in the June 2007 Fan Club gallery.)

When I got the PM from Lydia, I thought it was about something I did for one of my DTGD projects. I had no idea she was going to ask me to join the Dirty Girls! The first thing I said was, "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT????" LOL I am so excited to join these talented ladies!