Vickie Garrett - summerthyme64
Hey!!! What's that? I have a smudge on my cheek? Just a sec, let me go and check it out. Why, it's DIRT!!! I've been playing in the DIRTPILE!!! I'm a DIRTY GIRL! YAY~~~!!!!!!

I am OVER THE MOON excited to be here along with some of Splitcoaststampers finest creative talents! Wowser!!! Let me tell you, Lydia is VERY VERY good, that she rendered me speechless with her telephone call (that does NOT happen very often). Well, I think I was speechless, or at least there was a little pause before I said "eh?" "Om'gosh" and "are you sure?" That may not be EXACTLY the way it happened , but my perceptions may have shifted somewhat since that deliciously fateful phone call early last month. I have played it over in my mind at least a Gazillion times!!!

I had a boo to see just how long I've been hanging out here and I couldn't believe that it's been over nine years.....I lurked for a month or two until I purchased a "scanner" so that I could upload my cards!!! That should give you some indication of the dinosaur that I am! I've been stamping since around that time, when a crafty friend brought a plastic box filled with wood mounted stamps into work. We played over lunch hour and I was hooked!!!!

I can't really say that I have a specific style or favourite type of project; I like it all-Scrapping, Stamping, Mixed Media, Creating Projects with dimension, you name it, I'll give it whirl~ I do have to say though I LOVE LOVE LOVE to colour and have an obsession with all things blingy, especially Glitter and Stickles!

I hail from Canada eh! Kingston, Ontario. Actually I share my hometown with another Amazing Dirty Girl, Carla (CardsbyCarla). We met over a "stamp deal" in the McDonalds Parking I am a proud Mom to my amazing "Man Child" Jon! At 16 years old and 6'5" tall, he makes me look short! I also love my sweet "fur baby" Sydney, who will lay on her back and cuddle up with me! She's such a cutie~ To support my habit, I work for the Correctional Service of Canada, facilitating Violence Programs for Federally sentenced men. There is NEVER a dull moment at work!

When I'm not stamping and can squeak in a little spare time, I love to Jam with friends ( I play guitar and sing), write a little music and poetry, cook and fish with my Boyfriend. I'm proud to say i've out fished him on more than one occasion with my blinged out pink fishing! I don my Pink and Rhinestone embellished Bass Pro Camo Ballcap with pride. Yep, I'm a hat girl!

It is an honour to be a part of the Dirty Dozen. Truly, it is. I have been fortunate to design for many wonderful companies over the last several years, but have to say that what is most important, magical and memorable are the friendships and acquaintances that have been fostered as a result of what began as a little hobby. I need to name drop just a wee bit, because these people have been instrumental in mentoring, befriending, assisting, inspiring and loving me........

Vicky Gould-Who taught me so much about the technical end of things in the early to hyperlink, upload and just was such an encouraging lady!

Leigh O'Brien- Totally Inspirational right from the start.....and still is one of my FAVE stampers EVER!!!

My BFF's Jacqui (Sisterlines) and Jeanne (JeanneS.) and Kim (Basement Stamper) who I love very much and prove that your best friends can be miles and miles away and still so close at heart!

Wendybell, Texas Grammy, Nancy Litrell, Cambria, Sweet Miss Daisy, Kelli Jo, Val, Joy, Cindy, Diana, Emily, Vicki P, Kendra..I could go on and on and on and if I missed you, it's just that I'm so excited and nervous that I can hardly write this!

There are so many more of you whose kind comments have kept me stamping, whose creations and stories have made me smile, laugh or many that if I was at the Peoples Choice Awards, they'd have the Music Blasting and the Hook out to pull me off the stage by the neck!!! So Thanks to all of you for truly being such a meaningful part of my life.

Now I better go and wash my face ;-p)