Eva Dobilas - Tradergirl
Anaheim, CA
So, how would you like to sit on the biggest secret EVER for a month and half???? LOL ….yep, that is exactly what I had to do! And I mean sitting on the biggest NEWS! Something any stamper would wish and hope for, an honor of being asked to join THE most ELITE designers in the stamping world! Here is my story. I was at Supershow in Chicago walking to our booth on a hot summer morning. As I walked by the Splitcoaststampers booth Lydia waved at me and asked if I had a minute. And the following is kind of foggy, but I swear this is what I recall her asking me. “So, do you want to be a Dirty Girl”???? LOL…..again, that is what I remember, however she might have asked me a little different way. WOW, even as I type this out, the memories of that moment are gushing back. I remember us hugging and just sharing this happy moment together. It was very special to both of us, as I was the first one Lydia had a chance to ask in person and see the reaction. Since there were a lot of people around us I couldn’t jump in the air to show my excitement, nor could I cry happy tears, although I would have liked, but I did that later in the bathroom….LOL I was of course shocked that she thought of asking me and the same time thoughts rushing through my head that I am actually going to be a Dirty Girl. Lydia, thank you again for this special moment, it will surely be treasured by me!

My name is Eva Dobilas and I have been a member at Splitcoaststampers for the past 4 years. You may know me as Tradergirl, which was my profession for a few years, till I figured out I prefer to coach people how to change negative believes that are running their lives into positive and live a fulfilled life, than trade stocks and futures….LOL

I live in Southern California with my very supportive hubby. I have an accent, which most people don’t know till they get to talk to me. I was born in Hungary, hence the accent, however I have been living happily in the US for the past 24 years. My dream of living in the US came true, when I was 20 years old. I arrived to the US with $50 in my pocket and a suitcase. Boy, where did time go? I have a 21 year old son, who never cease to amaze me and I am one proud mom for sure.

My love affair with stamping started 20 years ago, when I walked into a Michaels and saw rubberstamps for the first time. About 10 years ago my friend introduced me to Stampin Up and I became a demo and started collecting stamps. Finally I came across Splitcoaststampers and realized this was the Mecca of the stamping world. A very supportive forum, lots of techniques to learn, great challenges, and wonderful companies on board. What else can a stamper ask for? I have had a chance to make so many friends that I cherish today all thanks to Splitcoaststampers!

I am so excited to join this amazing team and to follow the footsteps of so many of my wonderful friends! I am so happy to be part of this wonderful community and continue sharing my passion of crafting with others. Thank you Lydia and Splitcoaststampers for this opportunity, it is truly an honor!