Edna Morrisedie - Edna15
Brisbane, Australia
A BIG HELLO from beautiful Brisbane, Australia from one very excited Dirty Dozen inductee and proclaimed Stamping Addict!

I have very fond memories of the first rubber stamp I ever touched... my family lived in the “Outback” when I was younger... and I did pre-school by correspondence, which basically meant that you received boxes of “stuff” for activities, this included things like powdered paint and very importantly rubber stamps; there I was, an addict at 4 years of age!!

My Mother was especially excited that I was so enthused by something remotely girly and encouraged all things creative from that point forward... I must admit that I like change and progression, and progress I did... through every form of paper craft, from paintings done on barbed wire fences (embellished with stamping), through to origami, calligraphy, drawing and print making throughout my school years.

After I left home, in my early 20’s, I turned to home decorating for a creative outlet. After trying, and putting aside, cross-stitch and quilt-making; I found a niche with cloth doll making and added fabric and buttons to my list of addictions... along with a penchant for making my own paper. These days Card Making and Invitations take a primary seat, with dashes of painting and fabric art for variety.

My creative endeavours are SQUEEZED into a very busy professional life, by day (and often well into the night) I work in Strategy and Governance for a major educational provider. There is absolutely NO correlation between my professional and personal lives... except for the odd occasion when I send a report into the CEO and just for fun the corners have been punched with my latest acquisition!!

I don’t have a goldfish, a dog, a living plant, a child or a husband; but I do have a great family, a fantastic group of friends (albeit eclectic) and I have STAMPS... with these I believe anything is possible!

I joined Splitcoaststampers a year ago with the specific purpose of improving my personal networking skills. Whilst accomplished professionally, social networking was an area that had been impeded by an extreme case of shyness. I have loved every minute of my SCS experience; my only wish was more time to spend in the community. I have been working on improving my work|life balance over the last few months, so the request to join the Dirty Dozen could not have come at a better time for me. I was EXTREMELY surprised when Jenn first made contact with me, then confused, then excited, then apprehensive, then focussed and now I am HERE!!

I look forward to the challenges ahead, and the opportunity to revel in the delight of creativity, both from the Dirty Dozen and throughout the broader Splitcoaststampers’ Community.