Debbie Lindholm - debbieinoc
Fullerton, CA
I’m flabbergasted! Well, actually I’m Debbie Lindholm, but that’s what I said when I opened Lydia’s text. Wow! I’m so surprised, excited, elated, honored, and a whole Thesaurus worth of words, to be here with you. I do love words – well crafted prose, puns, adages and old fashion words like flabbergasted, flummoxed, and egad! And, I love making cards.

My crafting began as a child when I joined the Blue Birds (the youngest group of Camp Fire Girls) and throughout my youth into my 20s. Then school, work obligations and life consumed my time and I let it fall to the wayside. When I retired in 2004, I thought about what “craft” I wanted to pursue. I had seen an adorable handmade card a friend had received and I thought that would be a perfect choice for me. My first cards are so laughable. I took an “open” crafting class at a local hobby store. There were 6 students all doing different crafts so the teacher just pointed us in a direction and said “buy this, buy that, do this, do that”. I had no clue. But I persevered and fell in love with stamping and cardmaking.

I am truly blessed to have a wonderful husband who is loving and caring and supportive. We met later in life (me 40 and he 51) but he was definitely worth the wait. We will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year. He is my biggest fan and, lucky me, my biggest craft buying enabler. I know I have pinned many of you here with that label, but it really belongs to him. He came with three wonderful children who have also blessed us with four fabulous grandchildren. We count our lucky stars all the time.

Thank you, Lydia for this wonderful opportunity. I am so excited to be part of the community here at Splitcoast Stampers and now a member of the Dirty Dozen. I have already learned so much from so many of you and look forward to learning even more. You have encouraged me to attempt new and sometimes intimidating things with varying degrees of success but always with joy and excitement. I hope my cards inspire you as well and spark an interest in trying something new also. And now, thanks to Lydia and the Dirty Dozen, I have tackled another hurdle: I posted an actual picture of me on the internet with COVID hair (which is why it is pulled back in a bun). Egads!