Deb Felts - debdeb
Jacksonville, FL
My name is Deb Felts, known on SCS as debdeb because that’s what my neighbor’s son called me forever (he just graduated from NYU!). Our family—my husband of almost 25 years, and 15 yo son—live just south of Jacksonville, Florida. I worked full-time as a physical therapist until Matthew was born, then became a full-time SAHM (best job EVER!). Like many mothers, I began scrapbooking those baby pictures, and that was the beginning of this amazing journey.

I was already having a GREAT day when I got a private message from Jenn Balcer. One of my cards had been chosen as card of the week for Stamp TV’s Florida group, and on top of that, on the very same day another had been selected for Gina K’s Center Stage. I was on Cloud 9 thinking it just couldn’t get any better than this!

When I saw that PM my heart started pounding. My first thought (...after OK! Calm down!!!) was that maybe Jenn was just calling to chat. I recently had the privilege of meeting lots of SCSers including Jenn at a Copic Certification in Pensacola in February, so I was thinking that her call *must* be something about that, but then in the back of my mind I also knew that Jenn was THE ONE who personally invites stampers to join the Dirt Pile. Still, the possibility of being a Dirty Girl was something that had NEVER crossed my mind. It wasn’t even on the radar. Needless to say, I returned that call immediately!

I am embarrassed to admit that I honestly don’t remember too much about the rest of our conversation that day, I was so stunned and ecstatic! After all the previous excitement, this just put me straight over the top! I still can’t believe that it’s real! Even after having time to adjust to the idea, I must’ve looked at the first card I uploaded under my GuessWho identity at least 25 times just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming!

It is a greater honor than words could ever express to be given this amazing opportunity! I feel blessed beyond measure! I have been welcomed with open arms by the very ones who’ve been my idols since I started stamping (about 3 years ago), and I am hoping to continue to learn and grow in my six months here. I am looking forward to the fun and the hard work, and especially the treasured friendships and close-knit community that are formed through our mutual love for stamping. What I love about this fabulous art is that it has allowed me to bring my love for sewing, painting, and other media together into one amazing hobby.

There are so many people to thank that I won’t even begin to list their names! You know who you are! The list would go on and on! Rest assured, I’ll be talking to you in the next few days! Blessings, {{hugs}} and infinite gratitude!