Dawn Lusk - DawnL
St. Paris, OH
When Amber (bambi64) told me (DawnL) she'd gotten a PM from Jenn and that she wanted to talk to BOTH of us, I thought…"Oh NO! What did we do??!!" A conference call? Sure…

So, when Jenn called us and asked if we had any clue as to why, I said, "No, and whatever it was I didn't do it!!!" LOL!

Well...here I am in a place I've only dreamt about. It truly is an honor to have been asked to join the Dirt Pile, and to be stamping with such a talented group of ladies. I'm still stunned, excited and very, very nervous.

I am thankful to God for the teensy bit of talent I have that has only improved by using the daily challenges, the resource section and the tremendous talent found throughout the SCS community. I have grown so much as an artist thanks to this site.

About me? Well… I'm a mom to 5 great kids (Amber being my oldest), "Ouma" (Grandma) to 9 wonderful grandchildren, married to my eternal mate for 35 years.
Some of you know me as LlamaMama. I have 20 llamas that I use for 4H, competition, therapy (my own, sometimes!) but most of the time for nursing homes, and I also spin their fiber to make yarn and knit. And, yes, they spit! Mostly at each other over food, dominance, space…or if maybe I'm giving them a shot!

As for stamping, I've been addicted for 6 years now. I've been a designer for several companies and have a several handfuls of publications to my credit.

SCS has been such an inspiration for me and I would like to say thank you. I hope as part of the DD team I will help to inspire you as well.

Now, go create something.